Oregon Question

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What chance do you give USC to beat Oregon next week?
Very good, Oregon has not faced a team like USC yet Good, USC’s offense will keep it in the game and the defense is better Toss Up, It should be a close high-scoring game Not great, how will the defense stop Oregon? No chance, have you seen Monte Kiffin against the spread?   

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  • Rusty Buckets

    If Sc commits to consistently running the ball, they have a decent chance of winning. Oregon’s defense is vulnerable, especially if you keep them on the field for most of the first half. Of course, Oregon will put up some points, however, they typically score too quickly. I think Sc’s O-line will control the LoS. With a consistent diet of healthy backs, Sc can keep the ball and time possession, and hopefully, get into a great rhythm. I have a feeling Thomas will falter. I think it will be a close game.

    Meanwhile, the bruins will be losing to Arizona.

  • Free_Thinker

    Well put Rusty. One thing is assured, the bRUINS will be losing to Arizona.

  • buslu

    I say it will be time for duck hunt=)

  • oregon111

    Oregon’s defense has made mistakes, but is much improved.

    They have put some players into spots which are new positions for them – and as they get more snaps, they cut down on the mental mistakes. They also have a few new players out there, who are also playing much better.

    Oregon is peaking right now so it doesn’t really matter what USC does.

    This Oregon team right now is so freaking good…
    Only the 2007 team (before the injuries) and the year they finished 2nd (2001?) come close.

    What makes them so good is not just talent, but the number of seniors playing who have so much experience.
    They will give up some points and probably a lot of yards, but not nearly enough to be close at the end.