Answer Saturday! (Part 3)

In this segment, a question about scholarships and the Pac-12 schedule.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
How come SC can offer 9 scholarships to mid-year enrollees? My understanding is that SC, like all FBS schools, was allowed to sign 25 against the ’10-’11 AY. Hall, Prater & Baxter enrolled in 1/10, so their scholarships counted against the ’09-’10 AY. Kiffin awarded 3 scholarships to WOs this year (Markowitz, Cumming & Houston); he offered a scholarship to Collier who transferred from Miami; & those 4 scholarships count against the ’10-’11 AY. SC signed 14 other FR who enrolled in 8/10 (DiPoalo, Scroggins, Morgan, Grimble, Telfer, Woods, Ambles, Uko, Thomas, Pullard, Bailey, Wright, Robey & Brown) & those scholarships count against the ’10-’11 AY. So, SC has awarded 18 scholarships against the ’10-’11 AY & 18 from 25 is 7. So, how can SC offer 9 scholarships to mid-year enrollees?

A: The nine mid-year scholarships actually count against the 2009-10 year, not 2010-11. So Patrick Hall, Kyle Prater and Dillon Baxter, who came last January, count against the 2008-09 recruiting class. Also, scholarships to walk-ons like Markowitz, Cumming and Houston are one-year deals that may or may not be renewed next season. Houston is a senior so his scholarship opens up regardless.

Q: RedmondGuy said:
Scott, with the conference realignment looking like we will play the Washington and Oregon teams every other year, is it expected that we will play one Washington and one Oregon school each year, or will we play both Washington schools one year and both Oregon schools the next? And I presume that we will alternate home vs. away, so would that mean we will only play, for example, at Autzen every four years and similarly only see Sark in the Coliseum every four years? Any insight into how those pairings will work?

A: Yes, my understanding is that USC would go to Oregon every four years. That might make the road schedule easier but I liked trips to Autzen Stadium every other year so I don’t think it’s a plus for the conference to eliminate one of the best matchups on a yearly basis. It also means trips to Seattle every four years. And Corvallis, etc.

Q: tom_floyd said:
No football this weekend. Are you going to the Cardinal/Gold basketball scrimmage on Saturday afternoon?

A: No, I did not attend. I was buried in English soccer/Oregon preparation!

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Oregon preparation? Are you playing tailback? What the hell do you have to prepare? Writing those stupid articles for the Daily News that just repeat the stupid 2-sentence blog posts you write? Wow, some preparation THAT must be!!!!!!!!

  • Lambeau

    Tomorrow’s BCS rankings:
    1. Oregon
    2. Auburn
    Alabama is absolutely in the hunt.
    Oregon-SEC would be a nice title game, but of course, the Pac-10 team would probably blow it. So perhaps USC can play spoilers this season…Fight on!

  • Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

    This week is surely likely to go by as slowly as possible. ESPN College Gameday visits Los Angeles for a matchup between the #1 (BCS/AP) Oregon Ducks and the #1 (Awesome/Arrogant) USC Trojans.
    The score will be……………..
    USC 69
    Oregon 0
    Fight on!

  • Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

    Oh, ehhhh, you wanted a serious score? Ehhh..
    USC 31
    Oregon 41

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    suger sweeeeeeeet scooop wolfman!!!

    news from Vegas is that Southern Cal went from 30 pt dogs to only 24 pt dogs on word that wolf is assisting the Kiffin Clan with Oregon prep!!

  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket

    sugary sweeeeeeeeeet scoop wolfman!!!

    news from Westwood is that CRN is quickly losing fans and the Wildcats from Tucson are ready for a BB!!! a bRUIN beatdown!!!


  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    oh no, the Cadre of Bucket Copycats are back!!! oh sugar sweeeet flattery!!! you self-loathing trOJies have Bucket-on-the-brain and how!!! oh, the Chucker-Bucker’s in your heads you magnificent trOJie b@stards!!!

  • charlie buckets mother

    Sugary sweet indeed Trojans! Trojie “b@stards?” Looks like we’ve finally struck a nerve my fellow warriors.

    Flattery, high school equivalent football, and 92 point losses every week have resulted into name calling from our friend Chuckie!

    All is still not lost Pandas. I heard Ratheisal say you guys dominated Oregon from the 7:59 mark to the 7:19 mark of the 4th quarter last week!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the Cadre certainly has quite a few imitators. I guess you TroBans love us, you really love us.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    UCLA “Dynasty” you haven’t answered me! What does UCLA “Dynasty” mean?!?!

  • Gnossos

    @ USC owns….
    I looked it up in Webster’s, it is an Oxymoron.

  • Lambeau

    @ Gnossos….

  • Free_Thinker

    UCLADynasty — Don’t look now, but the bRuins season could be headed upward…toward’s 5-8.

  • Trojan Conquest

    “I was buried in English soccer”
    WTF…Yeah, because you’re paid to cover English soccer?
    Here’s a idea….How about covering “Inside USC”.