Answer Friday! (Part 2)

The Friday Night edition!

Q: dtksr1 said:
Scott, after the games in which SC’s defense was unable to stop the opponent, did Monte Kiffin claim it was the players who were unable to perform their assignments or was it his defensive alignments that were in effective?

A: Well, I think the comments he made that were most revealing were after the Cal game when he said he couldn’t blitz if the players were not lined up properly. So it didn’t sound like the scheme was being blamed. And I’ve never heard him blame the scheme.

Q: booboo said:
On Friday 10/22 on Petros’ radio show, Petros’ dad gave his strategy for the USC defense. Could you please explain what he said and what you think of it?

A: I can’t answer this question because it would require me to have listened to his dad.

Q: BruinRob said:
Hi Mr. Wolf, do you think USC can hold Oregon under 80 points this Saturday?

Those fat, slow, overweight, out of shape DLinemen and LBs will be so gassed after the first series, they will have to have oxigen tanks on the USC sidelines.

A: I appreciate your sense of humor but maybe you should focus on your team.

Q: USC owns the Rose Bowl said:
A question about comments on this blog: Obviously everyone has the right to have an opionion, but why doesn’t any block the users that continues leaving inappropriate and vulgar comments on this blog? BruinRob above ^ constantly draws butt holes like this (_!_) saying to “Taste it!” and makes excessively ridiculous comments. Can this be fixed in any way? Thank you!

A: I will ask the site monitor to check into this. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to monitor comments. It would pretty much require me to sit at a computer all day reading comments. But I will pass it along.

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  • Gnossos

    Wow! bRuinSlob slapped down by the Wolfman. Sugar Sweet!

  • USCfan



    dude, what are you doing? did you see last weeks game on Thursday? just shut up, you sound retarded.

  • Neuheisel’s Bookie

    How do you know when you’re talking to a bRuin fan?

    They can’t say the word “season” without saying the word “next” before it.

  • charlie buckets mother


    BruinSlob gets bitch slapped! Omg… Can’t stop laughing.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Again, I doubt that these bruin trolls are alums from ucla. No self respecting grad from such a fine university would spend so much time on another school’s site.

  • “Count” Smackula

    wolf, although the Cadre will continue to support you, i must say you response to bruinrob was a bit snippy. that’s all i will say about it, wolf.

    (Note to Cadre: we will add wolf’s conduct to the agenda of our next meeting)

  • $uckaFREE

    Maybe bRUINrobs ability (or lack there of) to spell the word oxygen should be the #1 topic of discussion at the cadres next slumber party šŸ™‚

  • Gnossos