Ghost Building

The music building behind Heritage Hall is now vacated, which clears the way for demolition and the construction of the new football complex/weightroom that we dubbed the Peter C. Carroll center but Carroll wanted it built for several years.

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  • sanchize6

    The state of the art complex was the brianchild of Mike Garrett and Pete Carroll, another example of the behind the scenes greatness the university sorely misses. With a current AD more apt to work the telecast booth instead of the Role of AD, Heritgae Hall will fall into disarray.
    Just go ask atheltic dept officials who they would rather work for…
    Dump the midget quaterback, bring back the heisman winning HOF running back.
    Charles White and Anthony Davis to the Rose Bowl and Nat Cahmp, Riordan in Business, And Dick Embersol at NBC, and now Nikias at USC, Pat Haden has been smoozing his way to the top and feeding off the fruits of other people’s hardwork his whole life.

  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket

    Did someone say GHOST?!

  • Cheatthesystem

    I used to work in that building for the MUA (school of Engineering and NSF) and for Max Nikias. It was a good job, it’s too bad the MUA had to shut down.

    Will the IM Field adjacent still be there or is that gone already too?