Former USC baseball coach Mike Gillespie is expected to return to the campus tonight for a baseball alumni dinner at the Galen Center. Now there is a direct example of something that happened because Mike Garrett is no longer the athletic director.

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  • sanchize6

    How about PH makes a hire for the baseball program. Obviously Chad was not the answer. But PH will waffle till the mid summer classic because he will never put his neck on the line. 2 Lines he has learned pat 1. “we will win the right way.” and 2. ” never stick your neck out”.

  • sanchize6

    as usual he took the easy route promoting Kreuter’s assistant to the job. Commit to excellance and find a real head coach.

  • KingOfLA

    I’m not sure it was exactly easy to get him here even with Garrett gone. You forget that the new AD, Pat Haden, fired Gillespie’s son-in-law. This was all the alumni association, not the administration.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Hmmmm, methinks a TroGan honk wants to get in on the Cadre’s pension fund windfall coming tomorrow around 9:30 p.m. However Sanchize, you are too late to the ball, but keep on telling it like it is.

    I wonder which Caribbean island I should retire to after tomorrow’s easy money. Qwack Attack -7 is SOOOOOO MOOONAAAAY.

    Count it!