A Reminder

Most of today’s game updates will be posted in the twitter box on the right side of the home page.

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  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    (reportng from Las Vegas) well, most of the Cadre has now joined me in Las Vegas and we have effectively taken over the sports book at Caesars….there is nothing like sitting on a fortune with the Cadre Pension Fund riding on a LOCK BET!!!

    true LOCKS are so rare to come across, and the Cadre jumped all over this one like a wolf on a cheerleader!!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    oh sugar sweeeet, the image of the Pious Passer rocking out to Christian Rock on his i-Pud more than locks up the LOCK!! his clumsy gyrations brought back images of Mark Madsen at the Lakers World Champeenshiop celebration!! you go Pious Passer, but please don’t be so obscene as to suggest the Lord has the time or inclination to intervene in such a trivial and meaningless pursuit as college football!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    And watching the Wildcats win at the Rose Bowl.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    tough luck loss….gutty fake punt call by Stoops got us…but this is a SOUTHERN CAL blog!! i come here for SOUTHERN CAL news!!!