Home-Field Situation

Matt Barkley on playing at the Coliseum tonight: “There is an advantage at home, but ultimately fans aren’t going to win a game for us. We have to execute and if we aren’t making plays it doesn’t matter if we are home or away we aren’t going to win.”

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  • Yoda

    financially secure the Cadre is!

    huge mistake the vegas books made, i sense.

    herh herh herh!

    7pts, hmmmmm???

    a lock that was for sure!!!

  • Yoda

    loud and proud, the newly enriched Cadre is.

    quiet and obsequious, the little battered trOJies are.

    no chance, they had.

    7pt spread, a joke was.

    handed to the Cadre, on a silver platter the money was!

    wonder i do, how many trOJies bet on the Ducks, hmmmm??

    trOJie for life a myth is!

    meditate on this i will!!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Q. What did you do on Saturday night?

    A. Oh it was fantastic. I spent the entire night posting on a USC message board as various characters I have made up. One of my favorites is Yoda from Star Wars. It was my idea of the perfect evening!

  • Trojsteve5

    Notice the top ranked teams being beaten on the road yesterday with Michigan St., Missouri, and Miami losing while the Trojans come up short to join their counterpart ucla as home losers. Homecoming needs to change giving up over 50 pts. the last two years must schedule Wazzu next year.

  • norcaltroy

    Jethro – that was fantastic. I’m sure that whoever is behind the characters of charlie bucket has an impressive social circle, handsome financial portfolio, and excels at many hobbies. I am also confident that if he has anything more than a baseball care collection in his mother’s attic, he doesn’t have the balls to put it on the line in Vegas.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    NOcaltyoy: the Cadre is legion! (and how in the heck did you find out about my baseball care collection??)

    i can’t believe the criticism the Cadre gets around here! we are pure class and put up with unbearable treatment from trOJie fans….if we hadn’t just signed a two year contract extension, we would pack up and just go!!!

    but that wouldn’t be the Classy thing to do, so we will stay…hmmm… “the Classy Cadre”–i like it!!!