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Finishing up the forum answers.

Q: scinsc5 said:
why would the pac-12 want to disallow non-conference games outside of september? i see that the SEC does allow such games.

A: It makes it easier for future schedules to keep nonconference games in September. However, I’ve been told the USC-Notre Dame series will continue in October and November.

Q: Edward said:
Could you exlain your logic voting TCU #1, and Michigan State #13, in the latest AP poll.

A: I think there is no dominant, clear-cut No. 1 team in college football. Among the closely group teams at the top, I think TCU is currently the best. I have Michigan State 13th because I don’t think the Big Ten is as good as some do and their best win (Wisconsin) was at home and their toughest road victory was against Michigan.

Q: Elvis – The King said:
Would you agree that the primary weakness with Chip Kelly’s offense is that it leaves the quarterback vulnerable to big hits from defenders? There’s no spread offense in the NFL because the QB wouldn’t make it through the game. Oregon’s QB is tall and skinny, so if USC can punish him, even if he gets rid of the ball on the option, mistakes and turnovers will follow.

A: The QB is vulnerable and if Darron Thomas gets hurt today, you will be right. It’s not popular in the NFL because defensive players move so fast that teams don’t want QB’s running or pitching the ball because of risk of injury and turnovers.

Q: Zovoz said:

Not sure if there’s much out there, but is USC targeting possible transfers from other programs to fill holes before scholarship reductions start? For example, where did Brandan Beal (LB) end up? USC was hot on him when he left high school; did USC keep tabs or talk to him when he got his release from Florida?

And, how does this stuff actually work?

A: USC is looking for transfers, especially if they could enroll in January because they could be one of the nine scholarships that will not count against the 2010 total. I haven’t heard anything about Brendan Beal. He was recruited by the old coaching staff. I remember that staff soured on Beal somewhat by saying he had small hands.

Q: kconway said:
which redshirts have impressed you?

A: Tailback D.J. Morgan’s been impressive since he got cleared to practice.Wide receiver Kyle Prater’s had his moments but not any consistency. Defensive tackle George Uko’s done well at times. Again, consistency is an issue but that is normal for redshirts.

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  • BoscoH

    Could you exlain your logic voting TCU #1, and Michigan State #13, in the latest AP poll.

    Turn on Channel 7. There’s half your answer.