Post-Game Reaction

Lane Kiffin was in decent spirits after the game. Cornerback Shareece Wright and quarterback Matt Barkley looked frustrated. On the other hand, some players were smiling on the field after the game talking to their Oregon counterparts.
“They don’t run a lot of (different) plays,” Wright said. “They just run some plays to perfection.”

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  • 3rdandlong

    Oregon is a better team, plain and simple. Wolf – have you ever watched the end of a football game, NFL, or College? Guys traditionally go talk to their counterparts, smile, exchange congrats for a hard fought game, etc.. The game is over and half these guys have been playing against each other for most of there lives. I’m not sure what your alluding to, should they have thrown things, punched someone, kicked over a garbage can??? I don’t get it.

  • BoscoH

    Wright is right. They run two basic plays. For most of the game, it could have been Hank Gathers (RIP) and Bo Kimble at LMU and it would have looked the same. That’s amazing basketball to watch, but completely uninteresting as football. Perhaps it’s no coincidence with Paul Westhead now the woman’s coach at Oregon.

  • Maze

    3rdandlong obviously wasn’t around in the early 2000’s when trOJan students, alumni, and scorned Raider fans alike, would throw beer bottles at “their” (it’s spelled “their”, not “there” in this sense, short-sighted $c grad…or bandwagoner) own players. I’m not sure if YOU’RE alluding to your own short memory, but sense of decorum is not a typical trOJan trait. Cheat on!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    once again, Stockholm Syndrome!!!

  • mg’slobotomist

    2-3, that is mediocrity at best. Accept it SUC.

  • Yoda

    herh herh herh.

    post game reaction: pain, i sense.

    herh herh herh.

    fat our bankroll is!!

    dominate Vegas, ChuckerBuck and Yoda do!

  • 3rdandlong

    Maze – Lame response. What some jackass fans did in the early 2000s has nothing to do with how the opposing players react to one another after the game. So lame, but you had to pipe in on something right, hard to be a jealous UCLA fan without piping in on a SC blog, so “A” for effort,”F” for rebuttal. “There” you got it?

    GOCB – Stockholm Syndrome – that is hilarious! Completely inaccurate but hilarious nonetheless – Keep on being a douche! I’m starting to appreciate UCLA fans, Folie deux.

  • dtksr1

    Oregon was the better team… but does that mean the better team always wins? The DBs & safeties were giving Oregon’s recievers way too much room in coverage. Wright sure did.