Not A Bowl Game

Several USC players referred to the Oregon game as the Trojans’ bowl game while freshman cornerback Nickell Robey called it the, “Super Bowl.”
So how does USC recover from the letdown?
“That’s why you never heard me call it a bowl game,” Lane Kiffin said. “I’m not worried about our team. We will go back to work and not change what we’re doing

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  • LMAO I’m starting to like Kiffin a little bit more each day. Kiffin, you better change what you ARE doing, because you’ve lost 3 of 4 games and you will lose the next 3 if you DON’T change what you’re doing.
    @freeStinker, before you open you big fat pie hole…Lick It!! :p (_!_) LMAO

  • Free_Thinker

    Wolf you idiot, there is no letdown. You’re a sportswriter at a second-tier paper in the San Fernando Valley –or did the Daily News move from Woodland Hills? Your feeble mind cannot conceive the drive and determination that disciplined, high-performing athletes have for achievement and accomplishment.

    USC should not lose again this season.

    The Washington game is the most painful because we lost to a clearly inferior team. The Stanford loss hurts, but the Trojans gave them all Stanford could handle and but for a little clock issue, we might have won.

    So far, in Lane’s first season we are headed for 10-3, with losses coming to the #1 and #10 teams. We could easily be 11-2 and without the Stanford clock thing 12-1. Not too shabby.

    Fight on!

  • spedjones

    even with more 4 and 5* talent than just about any team in the country, that wasn’t the last game SC loses this year. Sorry. There will be 2 more.

  • Trojan Conquest

    ASU is unpredictable. Could be a problem if SC is mentally checked out. Otherwise, should be a route like the Cal game.

  • @spedjones, you’re being way to generous!! USC does NOT win more than two more games this year, the next three games are losses, and either UCLA or Notre Dame will take them down as well…most likely UCLA in the “Who Sucks More” Bowl Dec. 4th.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Slooooooow_Thinker: i know this loss was tough on you and all trOJies, but your comment to wolfman goes beyond simple insubordination!!

    the Classy Cadre has deemed it necessary to issue an official Proclamation of Censure of Slooooow_Thinker for his shocking anti-wolf post on this date.

    Sloooooow, maybe you should check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

  • Free_Thinker

    TC — We should win the rest and end up 10-3. Damn the Huskies game. Even old Monte is lookin better. Our D is starting to play better every game.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Hahahahahaha LOOOOOOOOVE all the UCLA fans ragging on SC!!!!! When USC loses… even when the Trojans are “down” … it’s STILL a big deal!!!! When UCLA loses, well, what’s new?
    Always great to be a Trojan! Win or lose! we…
    FIGHT ON!!!!!!

  • @SC owns South Central, Lose On!
    @freeStinker, šŸ˜› (_@_) Lick it!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Free Thinker….. “Our D is starting to play better every game.” What game were you watching. Kennard is terrible. He’s slow and out of position. The DBs aren’t much better. I still think SC can win out, but it won’t be easy.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    @RUIN SLOB: Hahahahahaha! Nice response, pansy ass!

  • oregon111

    not a bowl game? Well, not technically…
    But for all practical purposes, it was THE DEFINING GAME OF THE SEASON for both teams.

    It was a great game with a lot of hype that provided a lot of tension and back and forth drama.
    The outcome was still in question until Barks last pick.

    There were big plays, turnovers, big special teams returns, plenty of hitting, going for it on 4th downs.

    So no, it was not a “bowl game”, it was much better.

    Some feel it was the end of the dynasty. But really, it was the start of Oregon proving to all the non-believers that they are legit because they beat a team full of the best recruits in the country – on the road.

    Contrast that to the Oregon / UCLA game – that did not prove anything except that we can still score with our backups.


    It was not a bowl game, but it was a playoff/elimination game for Oregon, something akin to the quarterfinals of a national playoff if one were in place.

    And maybe it is not a good idea to install an NFL type playoff system. Every game in college feels like a playoff. Would we want to lose that edge, that meaning to regular season games. No other sport has this kind of built-in tension and drama during its season.

  • Trojan Conquest

    LJ…….. “Every game in college feels like a playoff. Would we want to lose that edge, that meaning to regular season games.”
    I’ve got to totally disagree. How many teams are already out of it for the BcS title game? If you win your conference, you should have a shot at the title. That means Stanford and UofA would still be in it. Now they aren’t. There would be so many teams still with a shot at the title who’s games would mean more now.

  • ThaiMex

    Yo Paralegal Balboa….

    Can’t believe what I’m reading…”Troxan Conquest” disagreeing with your brilliance? Maybe he didn’t get the memo. I suggest you just kick his A$$ and teach him a lesson for the embarrassment he’s caused you…and while you’re at it…..sue the bastard. How dare screw with you…So Cal’s version of “The Worlds Most Interesting Man”


    Good point, Trojan Conquest; I know the Oregon game did not have its usual snap appeal for me because SC is out of the national running, which might have changed if there were a playoff system in place (and had SC beaten the Ducks).

    I would counter however with the fact that in a playoff system perhaps as many as 16 teams would qualify out of 120 or so schools. So even including more teams into the possibility of getting the title still would leave out most schools.

  • osezno

    LAWYER JOHN, Congrats on winning the pick the score on Inside UCLA.

  • @moron AKA freeStinker and scscin, you stupid moron of morons, how does it taste after losing 3 of 4 games?? you still think you will win the AP Title? LMAO

  • Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

    BruinRob, Bruins have lost 3 in a row, and UCLA might end the season on a 7-game LOSING streak? Your last 4 games:
    Oregon State
    @Arizona State
    @USC (Rose Bowl–where USC wins more games than UCLA)
    Good luck!
    Fight on!

  • @dr. artie. I’ve learned to accept that this season is a wash! so, what am I supposed to do, cry about it? quit rooting for my team? let you ramble on with your nonsense about USC finishing with 10 wins? hell no! USC at best is a 7-6 team with a 6-7 a stronger possibility.