Sunday Stats

USC ranks 13th nationally in total offense and 98th in total defense. Despite that, I still feel the defense did its part last night against Oregon by forcing five punts. Oregon punted only 23 times in its previous seven games. Or 12 times in six games if you don’t count the Arizona State game.

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  • USCfan

    i had a feeling that offense was not gonna come through. i agree with scott. the defense did make alot meaningful stops that the offense could not even capitalize on except for the beginning for the 2nd half

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    3 Comments: First, those Oregon offensive Lineman may be the best conditioned athletes in the World. Very impressive. Second, Barkley needs to be able to at pose some semblance of a scrambling threat. And finally, when is the last time a USC defense had (quite likely) none of its starting linebackers drafted by the NFL?

  • The Cadre

    Oregon 60
    UCLA 13

    Oregon 53
    USC 32

    Can’t wait for December 4th!


  • ScottMahler

    I also agree with Scott. I was at the game with an Oregon fan, and we both felt that if Barkley and Co had played better SC could have beat Oregon. Oregon is a great team and the game was still in doubt until Barkley through the pick in the end zone. Hopefully SC can win out and finish 10-3 and feel good going into next year.

    On a side note, here’s hoping that when they come up with next years schedule SC doesn’t play Oregon (except in the Championship game) This way they’ll have Stanford, Oregon State and UCLA at home

  • Free_Thinker

    USC should not lose again this season.

    The Washington game is the most painful because we lost to a clearly inferior team. The Stanford loss hurts, but the Trojans gave them all Stanford could handle and but for a little clock issue, we might have won.

    So far, in Lane’s first season we are headed for 10-3, could easily be 11-2 and without the clock thing 12-1. Not too shabby.

    Hopefully we stay focused, get a little pissed and take the rest of the season out on remaining opponents.

    Fight on!

  • @scscin5 A.K.A. freeStinker, you are the biggest tool I have ever seen on any blogs 10-3 – 11-2 – 12-1?? are really retarded or do you just pretend you are?? USC will have their assed handed by both Arizona schools and Oregon state, which means they will lose 4 games in a row and 6 or 7 then they will break their 4 game slide against the hapless Irish and then in the “Who Sucks More” Bowl on December the 4th, UCLA will beat the snot out of the trOJies and after the game is over you will cry a river all the way to Bellflower. LMAO

  • DFWTrojan

    What Free Thinker said! Some perspective, Oregon is #17 in the nation in scoring defense AFTER playing ‘Furd and USC, two top 15 offenses. Oregon avgs allowing 17 points/gm, and 2 TDs. USC scored 32, had 27 1st downs, two redzone failures, and 3 TOs.

    The fact is that USC ran into one hell of a defense. Oregon totally contained our run at a 4.0 avg/rush, forcing numerous 3rd and longs. They blitzed 80% of the time. We only had ONE healthy TB. MB7 had to put the offense on his back and try to carry them. But, Oregon’s defense was too good and forced MB7 into mistakes late in the game.

    That was the difference. On another note, USC’s #98 defensive ranking comes with a grain of salt – we have played Hawaii, Oregon, and ‘Furd. Three of the top 4 offenses in the nation, IMO, excluding Auburn. Granted, our defense was horrific during the first month or so.

  • it shoud be duly noted that UCLA ranks higher in total defense and passing defense than USC…and USC ranks 112th against the pass. UCLA will beat down the trOJans December 4th.

  • Free_Thinker

    Even that moron Wolf has conceded that SC’s defense is getting better. The Trojans gave Oregon a better game than anyone else has this season — even Stanford. But for the late INT, we are headed for a 7 point game with four minutes to play.

    I am really excited about our team! We will only get better. Wolf is probably the most lame of the L.A. sportswriters. Why did we ever get stuck with this loser covering SC?

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Hahahahaha @RUIN SLOB, yes, USC might have a terrible pass defense, but UCLA still has no passing offense, YOU MORON!!!!! LMAO
    Taste it!! (_*_)
    Lick it !! (_!_)
    Smell it!! (_@_)