Gillespie Scoreboard

USC baseball coach Frank Cruz said Friday night that the scoreboard at Dedeaux Field will be named after former coach Mike Gillespie at a baseball alumni dinner at the Galen Center.
Gillespie said he did not know what to say because he was fired and then USC named a scoreboard after him. He joked that his detractors on Internet message boards can use the scoreboard for target practice.


Former USC baseball coach Mike Gillespie is expected to return to the campus tonight for a baseball alumni dinner at the Galen Center. Now there is a direct example of something that happened because Mike Garrett is no longer the athletic director.

Ghost Building

The music building behind Heritage Hall is now vacated, which clears the way for demolition and the construction of the new football complex/weightroom that we dubbed the Peter C. Carroll center but Carroll wanted it built for several years.

Passion Play

The USC ticket office just sent out an email trying to fire up fans by saying ESPN GameDay questioned their enthusiasm.

“ESPN Gameday will also be returning to USC this week and they have publicly
questioned the passion of USC fans & challenge you to make a strong showing.
Gameday begins airing at 6 am outside the peristyle end of the Coliseum. All USC
fans are encouraged to attend.”