• 611 gayley

    now that all is lost and we are only playing for pride does lane play all the seniors in the last home game like mustain who were good soldiers and didn’t transfer out?

  • $uckaFREE

    The offense left much to be desired on the field saturday night and thats what bothers me the most. I feel like we left at least 14 points on the field w/ potential for more. CLK’s playcalling in the second half was reminiscent of the Jeremy Bates error(And I do mean error) and obviously Matt cant throw redzone INT’s. Aside from the blown coverages on oregon’s last two TD passes the D played decent. But we already knew the D was suspect so thats that.

  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket

    Trojan Nation is sticking it out through the “tough times” after that loss to the Ducks!!! “Tough times” that the bRUINs wish they had!!! I mean, check out these comments last night by Trojans!!! The “cadre” has their hands full!!!

    lbc trojan said:
    Hahahahahahaha, so, funny story.
    I was walking through the mall looking to buy a gift for a friend of mine. I was wearing my USC sweater with pride, because win or lose, it’s always Fight On! So, this UCLA fan comes up and says “Nice choke!” and I’m like “Uhh?” I think to myself, wow, UCLA fans (he ended the short conversation by saying “Go Bruins!”) really love to rag on Trojan fans when USC loses. It must be seriously sad to be a Bruin fan. Your team is embarrassing as any high school team I’ve ever seen yet when USC loses you celebrate like you won or something. Yikes.
    UCLA 13 Oregon 60
    USC 32 Oregon 53
    I guess for now, USC’s defense is 1 touchdown better than UCLA, and USC’s offense is 19 points better than UCLA’s (Oh wait, that can’t be right, we actually SCORED against Stanford!)
    Well… until December 4th…
    FIGHT ON!!!!!!!

    Ghostt of Charlie Bucket said:
    We’re here to ruffle your feathers, trOJies!!! our bRUINs suck, so we gotta get under your skin, trOJies!!! USC was actually competitive against those pesky Ducks through 3 quarters, whatta show it was!!!
    Can’t wait for that epic showdown at the Rose Bowl on December 4th!!! Although, USC does own the Rose Bowl, so a flat ending to the season it might be for the bRUINs!!!!
    5-8 is looking GREAT! for the bRUINs!!! If they get lucky!!!

    USC owns the Rose Bowl said:
    USC going undefeated the rest of the way seems pretty manageable. SC’s defense likely will NOT be tested the way they were against Oregon. Road games at Arizona and Oregon State will be tough, but USC can definitely end 10-3, 9-4 worst. Should be a fun few games! Especially against UCLA and Notre Dame. Can’t WAIT to see those blowouts. Not. Z Z Z . . .
    Fight on!

    Dr. Arthur C. Bartner said:
    USC vs Arizona State: W (should be a competitive game)
    USC @ Arizona: W (will be very tough)
    USC @ Oregon State: W (should be competitive)
    USC vs Notre Dame: Blowout W
    USC @ ucla: Blowout W (USC continues to Own the Rose Bowl!)

    Once Lane Kiffin’s recruiting classes start adding some depth, SC is only gonna get better. Young players like Matt Kalil, Khaled Holmes, TJ McDonald, Robert Woods, etc. are gonna be All-American Trojans.

    Fight on!

    Lambeau said:
    USC has now scored 30+ points in the last 6 straight games (and in 7 of the 8 games played). First time for that to happen at USC since 2004-05 when USC routed Oklahoma in the national championship.
    With Kiffin’s recruiting back, and young players gaining experience early, Trojans are on the way back! Have no doubt.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Memo to Cadre: i am pleased to announce that for tax purposes, the Classy Cadre (or just “the Cadre”) has made the decision to incorporate. i am filing the Articles of Incorporation with the State today. we have named Grand Master Jedi Yoda as CEO subject to a final vote of Cadre Membership.

    Yoda earned his Grand Master Jedi status for his daring exloits across tha galaxy. a graduate of the University of Rishi Maze, Yoda earned a BA in intergalactic warfare and later his MA and ultimately his PhD in Jedi Mind Trickery. Yoda brings a wealth of experience to his new role and we are in position to leverage his talents and add acceleration to our market dominance. “I look forward to working closely with the Cadre,” commented Yoda “and finishing what we started as a rag-tag group of rebel forces who have now overthrown the corrupt regime of the Sith Lord Garrett, Floyd Sidious and Darth Carroll.” Yoda enjoys light sabering trOJans and gardening with his wife, the former Tricia Pillsbury.

  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket

    P.S. Almost forgot!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    USC owns RB……….the main concern is if the team mentally shuts down. I don’t think this is going to happen. I live in Arizona, and I think UofA is overrated. However, if the defense doesn’t improve it could be a tight game. And they better come out fired up against ASU, because the Sun Devils have had their moments. @ Oregon State is always problematic. It would be great if they can finish with a better record than last year.
    I guess the Virgina win was better than thought, and the bruin win over Texas wasn’t as good as thought.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @Trojan Conquest: Yeah, after such a hyped up game, I definitely worry about that too. But I think Kiffin has done a tremendous job following bad games (both wins and losses). ASU, OSU, and UA should all play us extremely tough. ND and ucla will be blowouts and even Mustain will get in on the action!
    @Ghostt: Thanks for the shout out!
    P.S. TC, absolutely spot on. Virgina just beat the Miami Hurricanes, while Texas lost ANOTHER HOME game to Baylor. Wow, UCLA fans, the “strength of schedule” argument for your bRUINs gets stronger every week!!!

  • Edward

    UCLA and Arizona St. have to win three of their final four games just to be bowl eligible. And to make things worse, they still have to play each other. Notre Dame has to win two of their last three (Utah, Army, & USC) to qualify. Unless they quit, there is no way USC should lose any of these home/vacation-home games! Arizona will probably be coming off a loss at Stanford. Oregon St. is a scary game but 10-3 is doable.

  • @USC owns South Central, STFU you moron, you say that after every game USC gets their ASSED KICKED “I can’t see them lose another game the rest of the year” LMAO you dumb jackass…to the cotrary you should be saying I can’t see them win another game. LMAO

    @ghost imitator, STFU too you moron!! your classless fans are the rudest Mothereffers in the world! theycan’t keep their pie hole shut, they must always make a remark towards UCLA gear-wearing fans at stores, malls, even church, so once again STFU you hypocrites! USC SUCKS!

  • spedjones

    Look at all this chatter about the Bruins! Just shows who really owns this town!

  • @spedjones, yup! L.A. is the city of champions and UCLA has won 106 national championships, therefore this town is owned by the Bruins.

  • lbc trojan

    Bahahahahahaha!!!!! SPED!!! classic!!!!
    You’re HERE, just shows who’s who in Los Angeles!