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Before Lane Kiffin left the Coliseum last night, I informed him that Kai Forbath attended USC’s summer camp before his senior year of high school and wanted to kick for the Trojans. But Pete Carroll was not impressed with the way a clearly nervous Forbath punted a couple times in front of him and chose to ignore his actual game performances.
The rest, as they say, is history.

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  • Brent

    Now the real story from someone who was there (Wolf never goes to practice and wouldn’t be caught dead at a summer camp):

    Forbath came to the camp wearing blue and gold – went the the north west corner of the practice field (on turf) where he kicked field goals, then left.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Yeah Forbath would’ve helped our defense.


    Besides, how often has an SC field goal decided a game?– We’ve lost a few, two only recently, when the opposing kicker put it through, but I cannot recall an SC kicker deciding a game until yesterday of course, which fortunately for the psyche of the kid, he made.

  • JAG

    It was an interesting, remarkable and exciting game.
    So when Wolf finally gets a chance to talk to the winnning coach…he decides to lecture him about about a recuiting decision that took place 5 years ago. Unusual angle? Not for Wolfie. Forget the irony that USC’s kicker (like Forbath) actually made the game wininng FG and that Forbath (like Houston) was 1-3. This interaction between kiffin and Wolf is all about karma. There is a reason that Wolf is who he is and where he is today. LMAO.

  • Scott Wolf is the best beat writer not only in Los Angeles, but also in the country. You guys really need to chill and learn to appreciate what you have in Wolf.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    JUG: whaaaaaaa??? fyi, wolf is more successful in his chosen field than Kiff is in his!! wolf is known as the Best Beat writer in America…Kiff is known as the 8th or 9th best coach in the pac 10. wolf appears on radio and TV regularly, addition to his renowned internet video appearances!!! with the press, tv, radio and internet conquered, movies are the only area remaining for wolf to master, and i believe there is currently industry talk to pursue that avenue!!

    whereas Kiffs record as a head coach is 17-24 and he lost the only bowl game he ever coached!! And he wont be back in a bowl game for probably six more years due to bowl and recruiting sanctions!!

    so Jug: although the Cadre is a big fan of Kiffs, do him a favor and dont compare him to wolf, its just not fair to Kiff!!!

  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket


  • Neuheisel’s Bookie

    Water under the bridge. What about Marc Tyler’s status after he was carried off? Is Woods hurt enough to be ignored for most of this game? What is up with fumbling Bradford? Some “inside” information would be nice versus talking about recruiting from 5 years ago.

  • BoscoH

    Hey Bookie… Check the Twitter feed. Someone fell on Tyler’s ankle and twisted it. Woods was in the hosiptal two nights ago with bruised back and nausea. Kiffin kept Bradford out because of the fumble, even though it wasn’t a fumble.

  • Neuheisel’s Bookie

    Thanks BoscoH!

  • NOBS

    Did you hear that just before Kiff left the coliseum he gave Scotty a “wedgie”, took his lunch money and stuffed his bald noggin in the toilet? Shame of Kiff.

  • booty11

    Hey lawyer moron if Houston hits the kick at the end of the Washington game they have to score a TD and can’t win with a field goal. And just because yesterdays kicker choked does not let Houston off the hook. He sucks so freaking bad!Can’t wait for this new kid.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    PC knows as much about the kicking game as NOBS does about getting laid, NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!

  • NOBS

    Goo Goo, ask your mom. She thinks I know a heck of a lot. BTW, she’s as big a skank as you. After all we’re doing the same gal, your old lady.

  • why would a smart player like Forbath, be expected to evern want to attend a dumbass school like USC?

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    @Moron (RuinSlob): Apparently he’s not happy at FUCLA! He must’ve given Wolfie the inside scooooop and told him he wishes he was at USC! They might be 8-0 with a kicker! But more importantly…. he attended USC’s camp because EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A TROJAN. Those who don’t are sooo jeeeaaalloouusss!!! šŸ˜›
    OH, and taste it fag. (_*_)

  • Gnossos

    @Lawyer John

    Some great USC kickers from the past and last second heroics



    Frank never missed when seconds only on board. He beat UCLA with a 38-yard game winner with 2 second left. He won a NC with 2 seconds left on a 37-yarder also with 2 seconds left to beat Notre Dame in last game in 78. To help preserve that title he hit one on the last play of the first half against Michigan in Rose Bowl.


    Some may disagree, but this is about what they did. What they contributed. Sometimes maligned, he cost us one against WSU in 2002. He had a slump that almost benched him in 2004. Then he became possessed by a kicking devil. Two against ND, Five that beat the Bruins and put USC in NC game, and then 2 more to add to Sooner misery. Ryan was also the best weapon USC ever had in kickoffs consistently going deep. His kick-offs, and there were a lot of them were a great contribution to the OU shutdown.


    Probably not the greatest leg, but consistent. His position here is based on one moment. USC vs. Stanford. Wild Bunch vs Plunkett. Plunkett seemed the winner with an almost end of game TD to college great Randy Vataha. No times out were left, but this was the only way it could be for Jimmie Jones to complete a pass. If it was not the last drive and USC losing, Jones was lucky to complete a hand off. But now Golden Arm took USC to 17 yard line. The last pass stopped the clock for the chains but the field goal team had to run on the field and get in position as the last seconds tipped off. It was more dramatic then turning off the bomb switch in Goldfinger. There the clock got to 007. Here as Ayalas leg swung the clock hit 0.00.

    In the parking lot I found some Stanford fans who left less than a minute early celebrating their win. They wouldnt believe me the Indians lost (before western Indians protestedwhen will Seminoles get some dignity and stop that awful chant at FSU games). They said I was a typical Trojan fan who couldnt admit defeat.

  • Gnossos

    One more LJ,
    On first down, Haden found one last All-American, tight end Jim Obradovich, for a 24-yard catch. Obradovich couldnt get out of bounds, so Haden quickly threw four yards to Davis, who was able to stop the clock. USC was now at the Stanford 42 with 15 seconds left. Again, Haden found Obradovich on a 25-yard reception, and this time the big tight end fought his way to the sideline, stopping the clock with three seconds remaining. Onto the field came USC kicker Chris Limahelu, who nailed the 34-yard game-winner as time expired. He was promptly buried under a sea of cardinal and gold teammates.