The Real Number

Although last night’s attendance was announced at 68,000, we heard the actual number of fans at the game was 57,000.

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  • charlie buckets mother

    Wonderful insite Scott. My Sunday just wouldn’t have been the same without such relevant information.

    With an average of 80,000 fans at home games and all the USC fans, supporters, and alumns in SoCal and across the nation, it’s no wonder you have a WHOPPING 2000 followers on twitter.

  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket

    IN CASE you all haven’t heard, there’s a USC-UCLA section of the blog now!!! Now ThaiFag, RuinSlob, Charlie Bucket imposter, fUCLA “dynasty”, westwood slob, and the other 20 or so losers can have a trolling section every week!!! (although I wouldn’t doubt all those are really 2 or 3 people).
    Nonetheless, it serves a GREATER purpose for the Trojans!!! I mean…

    A special place for UCLA on USC’s blog!!!!!??? Brillant!!! Genius!!!
    That’s truly perfect Wolfman!! Just a reminder to USC fans that even when the Trojans are down, we can always look to UCLA to make ourselves feel THAT MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hahahahahahaha, I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!

    UCLA deserves a special special special spot on USC’s blog. When BIG BALLS KIFF has a bad coaching night, when Barks has a bad throwing night, when the defense gives up big plays all night, when SC fans are too drunk from tailgating arrogantly, and when the Trojans are just down…..
    UCLA (still) SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep reminding us WHO’S WHO IN LOS ANGELES WOLFMAN!!!

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket

    P.S. The front page of ESPN Los Angeles was USC, not UCLA. I’m sure the LAT, OCR, etc were the same. Just goes to show who’s who in Los Angeles!
    Fight on!!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    wolf, based on the above comments, instead of a UCLA v Southern Cal area for readers to reside in, it may be more cost effective to have a designated area for all the trOJies who admire and imitate the legendary Charlie Bucket!!!

    these trOJies take pagan idolatry to a who ‘nother level!! maybe you could assign Brother Dupree to host the site and counsel these cornfused sinners on the dangers of worshipping false idols!!!

    These ChuckerBucker wannabees could use the site to practice their imitating skills and be with others just like them!! it’s a win-win!! 24/7 ChuckerBucker all the time!!! i’ll even stop in to give tips to my disciples like how many O’s go into the wolf howl and demonstrate famous lines like: “how can it be wrong, when it feels so RIGHT??”

  • From last weeks USC game attendance 88,000 to yesterday attendancce of 57,000 means USC’s dropped 31,000 on ONE GAME…while UCLA went from 54,000 for the arizona game to 64,300 for yesterday’s game. All this means USC lost 31,000 bandwagon fans while UCLA gained 10,300 fans in a week, that is turn-around attendance of 41,300 in favor of UCLA – THAT’S RIGHT trOJand bitches!! it shows who OWNS and RUNS this town – it’s the UCLA Bruins!! you crying whining little beyatches!!!

    Go UCLA Bruins!! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

    Oh, and for those morons who said the Beavers would kill the Bruins?? taste it!!! (_!_) like it!! (_?_) and kiss it!! (_x_)

  • Neuheisel’s Bookie

    I heard the fighting Neuheisels celebrated like they won the superbowl after the game. Congrats on your win over a .500 team. You little guys are almost to .500 yourselves. What a season! All part of Neuheisel’s 10 year building plan. If you keep up the good work, you may actually get to a warm weather bowl within a few years.

  • Free_Thinker

    This is California and we are spoiled. Late starting game in rain forecast conditions again AS Who. Get real.

  • Lane Kiffin

    57,000 … Welcome to the Goatboy Kiffin era

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    @bRuinSlob, don’t you have any idea that UCLA is giving out free tickets to try to fill the seats?! Didn’t you see all the little kids eating their cotton candy?! Hahahahaha shut up you freaking moron. Go taste your daddy’s ass, bitch (_*_)


    SUCKS!!!!!!! FIGHT ON!!

    P.s. @Lane Kiffin, I sure hope you don’t claim to be a “USC fan” because you’re the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever seen. Kiffin’s mind on offense is brilliant, he’s put together a terrific coaching staff, USC is now utilizing the offensive talent that they never did under Carroll (Bradford, Cameron, Ausberry, Carswell, Tyler, etc), It’s not Kiff’s fault he’s got a roster loaded with sophomores and freshman with ZERO experience. IF you’re a USC fan that just hates Kiffin, you’re an idiot. Go f*ck yourself, dumbass.

  • @Andrew the Moron, STFU a**hole, the truth is no one gives a shit about an irrelevant football team, the 88,000 that showed up for the Oregon game 35,000 were Oregon fans and of the 57,000 that showed up last night 25,000 were ASU fans leaving you with a whopping 32,000 bandwagon clueless fans that don’t know WTF is going on in the game, hence their fist pumping and laughing and whooping it up when your dark-pink and gold wearing trojies are on the ground eating grass…with Votanze Burfict cleat marks on their backs…give it up, nerd.

  • @queenmoronAndrew,

    Lick my

    😛 (_!_)

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Bruin Blow Job, are you flirting with taking over Chucky Bucksh*t’s place as #1 douche on the blog? I sure seems so. Chucky’s been getting a little boring lately anyways. Since you write like a 5 year old, it should be pretty easy to drown you in douche juice… Just let us know…


  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Well I responded to BruinRob’s comment earlier. I believe on the “Discuss the Game” post if I’m correct. But then I began thinking… why does this guy know my name and a city associated with me? I worked in Bellflower when I was younger and he knows my name. Why? BruinRob, do you mind me asking why you take the time finding this info? And how? You’re a total creep man. I understand the fun in jabbing at each other back and forth about sports, but to find info about me? I don’t have a link connected to my email or anything like that? I sure hope you’re some retarded community college dropout or high school kid and not some freak stalker. Maybe I’m just not that saavy in finding stuff on here, but whatever, you’re a damn loser. Get a life.

  • @monopoloy, bring it on beyatch.


    @moronAndrew, when the word “stalker” is used perhaps you should look in the mirror. Did I copy your handle? Relax dude, chill and lay off the insults and I will lay off mine. These blogs are to post opinions about our teams, and from what I know this blog is not exclusive to the USC fans.

  • USConquer

    @BRiaM, Hey man, no disrespect, but I’ve been saying all along that I don’t think L. Kiffin is the best coach for our team.
    I give him credit for sparking up the offense and smoking other teams by cropping up bigtime points, but he is forgetting about getting the defense to a higher level (don’t even get me started on Monte…dude’s gotta go…to bad he’s Lane’s pop) and our special teams have been making more dumb mistakes.

    I know other fans that are disappointed in LK and in how our team is performing. LK neeeds to man up and take the team down the road to more victories.

  • USConquer

    If those attendance figures are true, that’s really pathetic.


    Wow, I couldn’t read 2/3 of the “comments” above; this blog has gotten more and more immature over time i.e. SC is better; no, ucla is best, and on and on. This is the kind of stuff one would hear on a schoolyard sans the vulgarity and profanity.

    This is L.A., the entertainment mecca of the world. In sports, if you don’t win, they won’t come.

  • “Count” Smackula

    “This is the kind of stuff one would hear on a schoolyard sans the vulgarity and profanity.”

    Be Real: what schoolyard did you play on?? all i ever heard on mine was vulgarity and prafanity!! and i still turned out f#&%-ing great!!!

  • Gnossos

    Be Real, welcome to Wolf’s Cesspool, where the conversation regresses to elementary school.