The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press poll.

1. Texas Christian
2. Oregon
3. Auburn
4. Boise State
5. Stanford
6. LSU
7. Nebraska
8. Wisconsin
9. Alabama
10. Ohio State
11. Iowa
12 Oklahoma
13. Arkansas
14. Michigan State
15. Oklahoma State
16. Arizona
17. South Carolina
18. Mississippi State
19. Utah
20. San Diego State
21. Virginia Tech
22. Missouri
23. Texas A&M
24. Nevada
25. Temple

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  • Neuheisel’s Bookie

    Does Bama have to lose three times before dropping out of your top 10? Does S. Carolina need to lose four to leave the top 20?

  • NOBS

    Do you really think Temple and San Diego St. can really beat SC AND even Fucla?

  • scottneedstolearnfootball

    You really need to stop watching kiddie porn and learn the game of football.

  • NOBS

    Temple got FOUR votes!!! Get real.

  • rocco

    Where’s 5 LOSS Texas ?

  • oregon111

    you got the top 5 correct, just in the wrong order:

    #1 is Oregon
    #5 is Stanford

    #2-4 is a 3 way tie of tcu, donkey st potatoe heads, & auburn, in no particular order

    Those early season non-conf wins by Boise st are looking less and less impressive

    When did Temple get a football team? That is a basketball school.

    Oklahoma (your #12), lost to both Missou and A&M.

  • PLH55

    Thoughts on this poll:
    1. Who has Utah beat this year to earn such a lofty ranking? And thus, how can beating up on Utah earn TCU No. 1?

    2. What is the SEC’s big out of conference win that all of them get to have high rankings, thus making every win in conference a good win?

    3. Four Big Ten teams in the top 14? Even though Iowa lost to Arizona and Wisconsin hung on by their nails to beat Arizona State?

    4. Oklahoma No. 12? Please explain.

    5. Do you truly believe San Diego State and Temple are better than USC? Who has SDSU beat that you rate them the second best team in California? Is Marshall Faulk back there? Is this the same Temple that lost to UCLA in a bowl last year?

    6. Nevada lost to Hawaii who lost to USC. Two of USC’s losses are to your No’s 2 and 5. Makes perfect sense you would rank Nevada over the Trojans.

  • sureshot

    How about Missouri below both Oklahoma and SD State (???) even though they have the same record and beat both teams.

    SD State’s only decent win is over a now unranked Air Force. I think their biggest indictment is that they only beat New Mexico by ten. Everybody beats New Mexico by four touchdowns.

    Boise will end up getting screwed by two teams they beat last year – Oregon & TCU. Sucks that a team can beat these two teams, never lose a game and still get shut out of the NC Game.

  • Free_Thinker

    Oregon is easily #1. What happened to Wolf’s #1 rated Texas Longhorns? Now Wolf, trying to appear the contrarian, puts TCU on top. Natch, they lose before season ends.

    As for LSU, it’s pretty clear Wolf does not watch too much football. General Miles’ Tigers eeked out a win over terrible Tennessee on a fluke. They squeaked by a weak Florida team and were losing to MCNEESE state for Pete’s sake.

    Get a clue Wolf.

  • norcaltroy

    Temple in the top 25? Come on Wolf…Temple would be fighting Wazzu to stay out of the Pac 10 basement. As for San Diego State, they haven’t played anyone. They haven’t played the 2 best teams in their conference yet. Wolf, wake up and do some research!

  • spedjones

    LOL at the Wolfie doubters. TCU now gaining momentum in the BCS discussion. Who have they played? Who has Oregon played? Aside from Furd, nobody (and, no, winning big at SC doesn’t count as a big win anymore – this isn’t 2006).

  • Free_Thinker

    Spudjones – Well Einstein, by the end of the season, Oregon will have played three ranked teams and a tough schedule against teams in the PAC10, any of which would give TCU a run for its money just like the lowly OSU Beavers did to start the season. Hell, I’d even wager the bRUINS might take TCU to the wire.

    In the meantime, other than exposing the incredibly over-rated Utah Utes, whose own cream-puff schedule propelled them to a clearly undeserved #5 ranking, the mighty Horned Frogs will end the season having only played two ranked teams — now unranked OSU and unmasked pretender Utah– along with arguably one of the most horrifically weak schedules in D1 football. TCU wraps up the season against two D1 powerhouses: one-win NM State and San Diego State. Can you say CREAM PUFF.

    I cannot wait to see the Horned Frogs exposed. Just like Wolf’s other #1: The 5-loss Longhorns.