Answer Tuesday! (Part 2)

This question on playcalling gets its own segment.

Q: White Horse said:
Who is the worst play-caller you’ve covered:

1. Kiffin

2. Bates

3. Hue Jackson

A: Hmmm. Hue Jackson did not always call the plays when he was OC because John Robinson did it and then Paul Hackett did when he was the head coach. With that in mind, I’ll have to go with Mr. Coffee because I think Kiffin is far superior to him.

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  • Cheatthesystem

    False. Hue Jackson was terribly predictable and terrible.

    Run, run, Incomplete Pass, Punt. at least 6 or 7 drives per game.

  • gotroy22

    Let’s call it “The Irrelevant Bowl”.