Remember The Alamo

I spent some time talking to a representative of the Alamo Bowl at last night’s game. Ironically, if USC were bowl eligible, it would be in a strong position to go to the Alamo Bowl this year.
But the bowl really doesn’t know yet who will come from the Pac-10. If Oregon goes to the BCS title game and Stanford goes to a BCS bowl, Arizona seems likely. But the Wildcats look to be sinking are would not be the most attractive visitor. And how many fans would we-can’t-draw-50,000 fans Stanford bring to San Antonio?
The bowl really wished USC was bowl eligible.

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  • USCfan

    every bowl wished SC was eligible.

    thank you Reggie and Mike Garrett!

  • DFWTrojan

    What about the Holiday and Sun bowls?

  • torpedoman

    Id rather not go to any friggin bowl, than to have to settle for the crappy arrangement of that, the Sun, the Vegas, the Nut, or any other lame ass bowl that don’t play on NY’s day or after. For Christs sake, we ain’t just the crappy little bRUINS ya know! Sheesh!

    Fight On,

  • sureshot

    I agree with torpedo, the Holiday Bowl is the lowest I ever want to sink. I guess seven consecutive BCS games will do that to your expectations.