Erase History

Former USC linebacker Jordan Campbell was removed from the website of 1st Round enterprises, the business that seeks to represent athletes and gave tailback Dillon Baxter a ride in a golf cart on campus last week. Campbell was listed as a principal on Saturday and is close friends with the founders.
Campbell’s facebook profile also removed references to 1st Round. He listed them as his employer on Saturday.

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  • DFWTrojan

    Too little too late, jackasses. Can we go ahead and name Jordan Campbell the biggest traitor in USC history?

  • calkidd32

    i’m beginning to not like this situation. first it started with a simple golf cart ride. now a former SC player is listed as an agent or at least an associate of an agent. And now that former player is racing to erase his association with that agent. i’m just not a fan of this.

  • Son of Charlie Bucket

    what did Southern Cal know, and when did they know it??
    this whole story sounds a bit queer…someone noticed “Cellphone” Baxter riding in a golf cart and what, someone says to themselves “wait, are those kids agents??” does not add up….wolf, it’s time to for you dig up possibly your sweeeeeeeetest scoooop of all!!! wolfman, you were born for this moment!! it’s up to you to blow the lid off this sham of a cover story!!!

    (cue “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins)

  • Wow.

  • Rich K

    It seems that Mr. Baxter can’t keep out of trouble. Whether with his mouth or by accompanying now an agent. Someone needs to set him right or he will be another “bush” whacker.

  • JDStar

    Conquest Chronicles have the best coverage on this so far…

    Explains why Jordan Campbell was in the doghouse last Spring and basically off of the team. Looks like this relationship was reported to the NCAA a longtime ago.

    Seems like HH had these guys on a watchlist, which explains how their identity as agents was recognized so fast. What is curious is LK’s comment that Baxter didn’t know the student was an agent. Shouldn’t the Athletic Dept be clearing informing players who to stay away from, especially when its other students that are the know threats.

  • troganfan

    Uh oh. Maybe all the early comparisons to Bush were correct. I’m starting to love this Baxter kid.

  • ThaiMex

    The photos from parties thrown BY 1st ROUND, featuring several current members of the football team…make our preferred plus parties look like a church bake sale. The Dillon (bag man)involvement is only the beginning. If it acts like a RAT, and looks like at RAT…it’s probably a rat. At what point do you think the NCAA is going to say…we’ve had it with SUCk…we better shut her down for good.
    At least you’ve got the Gay Bronze Horse! (and), best of all….Basketball season has just started!
    Sanction On!

  • Tradition Continues


    I don’t know the “letter of the (nacc) law.” but doesnt someone who is a registered agent driving around campus in a golf-cart with his agency’s logo on the cart — a “lack of institutional control.”

    sc is a private school — does a student have a legal right to drive a golf cart around campus with his company’s logo on it???

    something doesn’t make sense here.

  • oregon111

    People, it really simple…

    When you are good, your tailback gets to ride in a SUV

    And when you are average, your tailback rides around in a golf cart

    Lose to UCLA and your players will be riding around in those little plastic ‘big wheels’