Extra Motivation

Oregon State tailback Jacquizz Rodgers was asked why the Beavers beat USC three straight times in Corvallis.
“Guys get pumped up for that game even though we are supposed to approach every game the saame. With the history ‘SC has, guys are just looking to knock them off and make history against them.”

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  • trjons

    I’m flattered that he finds it such a big deal to beat SC when we are a 5th place team.

  • schammer47

    Quizz. Lots of near misses son but no Rose Bowl. And the really bad news Quizz is your pettite ass is staying home this season, not from sanctions, but because your team is NO DAMN GOOD! Five wins so far with Stanford and the Ducks left.

    How did the bookies favor OSU coming off of a 17-14 loss to UCLA and last weeks loss the WSU at HOME, 31-14??? What did they know about our program that we, the fans, didn’t know but found out when the horrific game ended??? Did the Baxter FU disorient the team and coaches??? Did MB7 take a look at Kiffin’s offensive game plan and puke? Had the emotionless overwhelmed Lane Kiffin LOST THE CONFIDENCE AND RESPECT OF HIS PLAYERS?

    I totally agree with Trojan Conquest. It is a godsend that, hopefully, Mitch Mustain will get his long overdo chance in the TWO most important games of the year!!! The ONLY QUESTION: can the Kiffin play call with imagination, effectiveness and success for 4 quarters, or will his stupid predictable and cowardly play calling prevent Mustain, our backs, OL and gifted receivers from KICKING ND’S ASS????? Four losses already in conference this season, Kif. Are you paying atention??

    Kif, get rid of those damn pussy sh*t long sleeve polyester undershirts. Real men play quality football Kif with bare arms, “fists to the face and feet to the ass.”

  • It it is a big deal because of the Pete Carroll era in which he portrayed USC as being an arrogant team that would run up the score every chance they got. So yes, every team will get up for USC, they all want to payback USC, even if they were 0-11 everyone is going for the jugular.

  • NOBS


  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Things that make you go HMMMMMMM….A 1 Conference Win Ole Miss gives LSU a great battle on the Road and the Talking TV Heads (Robert Smith & Gary Danielson in particular this week) say..”Just shows how great the SEC is Top to Bottom and why a 1 loss SEC team should be in the BCS Title game”.

    When WSU beats OSU, Oregon barely beats Cal, or past USC teams get beat in Oregon the same argument is never mentioned.

  • spedjones

    have to LOL at schammer. Quizz just ran circles around the trogans and you, a keyboard tough guy and not an actual football player, are talking smack? And you wonder why they enjoy beating SC. FREE GOLF CART RIDE ON!

  • schammer47


    “Fist in face, feet up ass,” conveyes physical, smash mouth, EMOTIONAL. Like Woody Hayes said,”Good defense is 10% mantal, and 90% EMOTIONAL.” What is it you don’t understand, Jones??? Oh, wait. You are a pro-uclan blogger regular on a Trojan blog where you really don’t belong, do you? You stand for a football program (UCLA) that will in all likehood stay home this year and, oh, like Quizz, not represent the PAC-10 in the Rose Bowl game, forever.

    Sped, success and achievement in the pursuit of life requires intensity and commitment something the Trojans have lacked under this “administration.” Dropping your pants on someone else’s blog doesn’t get it.

  • spedjones

    wait, so you’re actually trying to achieve things vicariously through the SC football program? HAHA, LOSER ON!

  • troganfan

    Real men type in CAPS. You really stuck it to Quiz with that post. If only Quiz had your intensity and commitment.

  • ThaiMex

    I’m no history buff (though I know Woody Hayes was), but….I can’t believe Woody(“I like to SUCKER PUNCH Football players”)Hayes said “Good defense is 10% mantal…”. I cannot find the quote. Anyways…here’s another interesting piece of info (as far as i know, It’s correcto mundo)SUC ranks # 91 in TOTAL Team Defense..Imagine if the early season schedule hadn’t been loaded with CREAMPUFFS?
    With a history of past greats like Malabunga, Cushing (roids), Seau (rage), Matthews (roids), Ting & Ting (roids), it’s easy to see whats wrong w/this years team..get em’ some good old fashioned ROIDS!
    Fite on Trowgan!
    The Curse of the Gay Bronze Horse Continues!

  • Keith15

    My question is why isn’t USC motivated to play Oregon State. Coming off a huge win and really the only decent victory of the season by this team, you would think the momentum was in their favor. Now they had the opportunity to go to Corvallis and avenge some losses. They had a chance to pound a team that had just been beaten by WSU, which you happened to beat 50-16. It should have been a feeding frenzie.

  • oregon111

    Last night in Portland on the 11pm news…

    They actually said ‘Giant Killers’ again in reference to Or st’s victory.

    Players look at how many ‘stars’ they have next to their name on rivals.com and see how many stars the USC players have.

    What can be more motivating than that to a player???

    Obviously, ‘stars’ do not rate a player’s heart or commitment to play hard until the end of the game – regardless of the score.

    In he near future, USC is heading into the ‘south’ division after a few years of getting beat down by both teams in the state just to the north.

    USC also lost to Washington & Stanford two years in a row.

    Colorado is a shadow of its former self (much like SMU). Utah got crushed by TCU. UCLA will soon be worse than Wa St. The zonie schools are OK, but not great.

    The upcoming pac12 South is looking very weak.

  • NOBS

    Corvallis does suck, but Portland isn’t far behind. Albany a hick town? Name a city in Oregon that isn’t. We can’t win a NC every year, nobody can. You F’ers have never won one that I can remember. Terry Baker sucks, OSU sucks, and Oregon sucks. Head on down to Gresham and pick some berries.

  • oregon111

    NOBS, Portland kind of sucks, but it has just enough going for it to be livable – that is if you like skiing/snowboarding because the rainy winter months really do suck.

    But except for the dumb-ass hippies, politics, and lack of jobs, Portland is not bad from mid March thru October — if you have a day off and can drive 1-2 hrs to some nice outdoor places.

    What about LA???

    traffic sucks
    houses are still too exensive
    every surf break is too crowded
    have to drive for days to do anything other than surfing
    invaded by Mexican gangs
    people measure their commutes in hrs, not miles

    Oregon football wasn’t any good until the 90s.
    But they are good now. And with a season like you are having, you know who the true fans are — because all the bandwagon people have left and are now into the Lakers.

    In Oregon, Hood River is a pretty good town.
    And that is about it.

  • NOBS

    111, ask anybody that’s lived in Oregon. The second thing they do is get the hell out of there. In Seattle, it’s #1. Portland is a Sh!t#ole. I’ll take So Cal any day. Yep, LA, So Central, sucks. But move to the OC where the BEAUTIFUL people live….aka la la crappy tin, sped, bRuinB00b, etc. But dude, Oregon REALLY sucks to live there. No money, no jobs, unless you’re Phil Knight or an Oregon football recruit.