Answer Tuesday!

In this segment, a question about Lane Kiffin’s criticism of players and how it differs from Caesar.

QL Edward said:
Could you give YOUR picks of the strongest conferences, one through nine, in CFB? No dancing, no spin, etc., just the names of the conferences (1-9), ONE being the strongest.

A: SEC, Big 12, Pac-10, Big Ten, Mountain West, ACC, WAC, Big East, Mid American.

Q: BBPeps13 said:
How many silent commits does USC still have?

A: 2.

Q: BoscoH said:
Open Forum Hypothetical Fight Club… and I want to stress hypothetical because we don’t ever need to hear Pete Arbogast justifying a fight between players on the team as some sort of a unity exercise again… Stanley Havili v. Marc Tyler.

A: I don’t think anyone wants to fight Stanley Havili.

Q: Don’t you know I’m loco? said:
Why does Lane Kiffin criticize players so much when he talks to the media? Are we only reading/hearing an edited version of what he says? That’s the main difference between Pete and Lane. Pete was always able to spin everything to a positive. Not sure if Lane has this ability yet, but wanted to know. Other than that, I think Lane has done a tremendous job with the team and the offense. I think there has been progress in many facets of the program. Thanks for the forums.

A: Lane is a different personality than Pete. He is critical of players in public. He did that when he was a USC assistant too. The thing I would say in his defense is that he never says anything to the reporters that he doesn’t say to the players to their face. So they are never surprised by his comments. And the players I’ve talked to agreed with him.
I find it refreshing actually that he is willing to hold players accountable. He’s never going to be Pete, which is why I called him Mr. Sunshine earlier in the season. But at least you know where you stand with him.

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  • uscmike

    Conference USA will be surprised to learn that it doesn’t exist in Scott’s world (or is only the 10th best conference).

    Scott further slights the Pac-10 (what else is new?) by placing it behind the Big 12, which has been mediocre this year.

  • JAG

    Hate to defend Scott here, but he only asked for conferences 1-9. Maybe Edward didn’t know there are 11 FBS conferences. Sunbelt didn’t make the top 9 either. MAC and Sunbelt programs are only relevent to the Big Ten and SEC AD’s who have them on speed dial.

  • Trojan Conquest

    The question didn’t say if it was this year or historically. This year I might put the Pac over every other conference.

  • BoscoH

    I have a feeling that during UCLA week, Kiffin (in the knit cap) will be fighting Marc Tyler for second place. Havili is this year’s Open Forum Fight Club champion.

  • Edward

    Yes, I knew there were more than nine conferences. My objective was to see where he placed the MWC, and the WAC. I think Scott saw it was a 2010 question. Don’t know about the teams, top to bottom (Pac-10 vs. Big-10), but the leadership of the Big-10 (contracts & expansion) is sure stronger.