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  1. Texas has a losing record…Alabama just lost to its arch-rival, blowing a 24-point lead…Boise St blew a big lead and a chance for a big BCS Bowl game…Florida is mediocre…Michigan wishes it were rated as high as ‘mediocre.’

    So the mighty have fallen, or at least are in a

    So SC has plenty of company.

    I always say “Sports win-lose illusion.” Ron Johnson makes that catch and everybody is singing a different Trojan-Irish tune. One play, the difference in this game.

    But to Rojo’s credit he did not state that the ball was behind him and an unexpected flash rain had the ball sopping wet. A tough catch under the circmstances.

    And not a word about Mustain’s effort from even one Trojan on this blog. He did pretty well for his first outing in over 4-years. He did enough to win that game.

  2. Dear paralegal Bed Wetter:
    My bad…2 days ago, I told you to DRINK HEAVILY( I suspected So Cal was in for a thumping)…i guess i also forgot to tell you to STOP Drinking at some point(remember Engineer Bill’s game of Red Light, Green Light?).
    Just a few comments…..
    – Do we really need to discuss Texas (UCLA smacked that azzzzzz in Texas). Lookie what all those GREAT recruiting classes did for them (kinda like SUC?) The fish smells from the head…yea, I know you think Kiffy has a great sense of humor, kind of like NIXON or Agnew!
    -Funny you should bring up Alabama losing to it’s RIVAL, arch Rival? You wouldn’t be setting up SUC to get trounced this weekend by U.C.L.A.? Anyway…Alabama is 9 & 3….SUC is 7&5 on its way to 7&6. My point…9&3 is much better than 7&6.
    -Boise st. lost, and is now 10&1. They’re going BOWLING! They beat Oregon St. 37-24 (while SUC lost to the BEAVS 7-36)and beat Hawaii 42-7(while SUC squeaked by at 49-36, “you member?”).
    -So you think Florida is mediocre @ 7&5? What does that make SUCk also at 7&5 (soon to be 7&6)? Come on, you big lovable Bed-Wetter, spit it out, what does that make SUCk?
    -So you think Michigan WISHES they were mediocre @ 7&5 when SUCk will end up @ 7&6? At least Michigan BEAT NOTRE DAME IN SOUTH BEND 28-24. You’re a paralegal?…you gotta quit with the hyperbole.

    Big problem w/ your conclusion about the “DOWN PERIOD”. The sanctions apply only to SUCk, and to none of the other schools you picked out. They can easily rebound. Sanctions haven’t even hit yet! Just wait.
    Win-Lose illusion? You wanna play a game of What iffff’s? Quit while you are at 7&5 (soon to be 7&6)!
    With a couple of calls going the OTHER WAY, SUCk coulda lost at Hawaii(49-36), AGAINST VIRGINIA(17-14), AT MINNY(32-21), Against Arizona St.(34-33), and against Arizona(24-21). According to your way of analyzing outcomes, SUCk is 3 minutes from being 2 & 11.
    Yep….TWO wins and ELEVEN Losses!!!!!!!Before the Sanctions.
    I recommend you come clean…admit to being an adult bed-wetter…and JUST COME OUT like Free Thinker & and The rose Bowl “dude”. “Gay Bed-Wetting Paralegal” isn’t as bad as it sounds, people will still like you, you’ll get invited to parties, because, don’t forget..you’re a TROGAN for life!
    Fite On Troxan!
    The Curse of the Gay Bronze Horse(Francis?) is upon you!
    Next Year’s gonna be great!

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