Losing At The Coliseum

Lane Kiffin said there was no explanation for why USC lost three games at the Coliseum this season.
“We just continue to lose games at the end of games,” he said. “It’s been very unfortunate.”

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  • ALBY

    Kiffin is in waaaaaaaaay over his head and anyone who has ever watched him coach knows it. The Trojans need to follow Miami’s lead and remove this sorry excuse for a coach NOW before he does more damage to the program.

    Wait till recruits start to de-commit.

    Scott…here is a good question for a poll:


    And I am a long-time fan and supporter!

  • I told you all that the Fighting Irish would open a can of whoopass on the trojans. NOBS you little chicken shit, I wish you would have had the balls to bet me.

  • NOBS

    NDlarry, too bad you were to fing stupid to contact me.



    Judith Lesley Lori


  • NOBS

    NDL, you are an old fool

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Knew that pathetic loser BruinSlob would be back. Only a coward kicks someone when they’re truly down. But that’s a Bruin fan for you. USC will always be better than the school across town. Always.
    Fight on!


    USC owes the Rose Bowl- you mean “USC will always PAY better than that school across town”That is a true statement!

  • @USC owns South Central, I said I would be back the week of the UCLA USC game. As for kicking someone when they’re down: I don’t kick individuals – I just posted something on the RoJo thread a few minutes ago. You are a hypocrite, making fun of UCLA after each loss is what YOU do every chance you get.

    @KNOBBED, I’m not even going to say a word about the game, my lack of words will speak volumes. And why are you harassing N.D. Larry? be happy you didn’t bet those $1000 or whatever that bet was. Your skankie wife would have kicked your ass out of the converted garage you and her live in.

  • NOBS

    B00b, harassing NDL? Are you kidding me? First of all, I could care less what you or anyone else says or thinks. Second, NDL fired the first shot. When you fire, you better make it a kill shot. It wasn’t. Third, learn the language….”you and her”. Shows me you’re an undeucated dbag. But we all knew that. Last, I wouldn’t have even thought about a “converted” garage…..shows what kind of life you have in the IE. Sweet. ROFLMAO.

  • DixieTrojan

    What’s unfortunate is Kiffin & Co make $5 million plus for this terrible performance.

  • Mike

    I guess this is what it feels like to be a ucla fan. No fun at all. they ought to play the sc-ucla game at midnight. ought to be ugly.

  • DixieTrojan

    Congratulations to you ND Larry.

    Your heart-throb Teo finally defeated the Trojans. Although I disagree with your articulate assessment that Notre Dame “[opened] a can of whoopass on the trojans [sic]”, next year the Irish just might. Perhaps for years to come.

    Feel free to mark this victory as a positive achievement on your resume, sir. To the victor belong the spoils.

  • @KNOBBED, relax dude, don’t get your thong in a bunch. UCLA will win on Saturday and I hope you’re man enough to admit it after that – that USC sucks more than UCLA does, in the “who sucks more Bowl” A.K.A. The City Championship.

  • NOBS

    B00b, I will admit that as SC’s standards and track record in football (we are Fucla in BB) are much higher. I’d never trade Kiff for Slick Dick…errr Rick. You guys will never make it to the next level with that clown. Both teams are in the toilet bowl this year. The pressure is all on Ricky. If he can’t beat SC this year, he never will. BTW, I look fantastic in a thong.

  • NOBS

    BTW, NDL nor b00B showed at the 901. CHICKEN.