• I DIg Go Go Girls

    Nice comments by Coach A HOLE. Kiffin should be fired today for what he said. Does he think Johnson wanted to drop the pass?

    Would you send your kid to play for this clown for 3-4-5 years?

  • DT-89

    The comments and story lines on this site are very disappointing. I’m critical of certain aspects of the team as well, both coaches and players. But the hyper-focus on firing Kiffin (one or both) is really juvenile.

    If we were Florida fans, you’d be calling for Meyer’s head. If we were Alabama fans, you would have already run out of ways to burn Saban in effigy (the Tide has lost three games with, arguably, top-five talent). And if we were Texas fans! You’d be on a hunger strike demanding the school immediately dismiss Brown despite his gaudy won-loss record.

    Sitting in the rain for last night’s game — along with thousands of other hearty fans — gives me the moral authority to comment here! Sarcasm to be sure, but let’s not just lash out at anything and everything here. It was another close and heartrending loss.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Uh, when the head coach calls out a player for a loss then the coach is an ass. Kiffin is an A HOLE and now he’s SC’s A HOLE.

  • spedjones

    I think we finally have a nickname for Kiffin – Neuter Lane.

  • DixieTrojan

    Gone from Heritage Hall:

    1) BCS Trophy
    2) Reggie Bush’s Heisman
    3) The Shillelagh

    Somebody keep an eye on the Victory Bell next week.


  • NOBS

    poor goo goo. his d gross is gone, so nobody can make any decisions. boo hoo DT, you may be right but AT LEAST Haden caught Baxter on a five buck golf cart ride. You all will regret the day MG was fired.

  • DixieTrojan

    Thanks for agreeing that I am right, NOBS! 🙂

    And I agree with YOU, thank the Lord for Haden & Co. It only took millions of bucks towards 13 compliance officers, 2 athletic directors and the Freeh Group to catch Baxter on the golf cart ride…. after the ride took place. It wasn’t an easy catch considering that the kid/agent was only driving around campus in a cart with the 1st Round logo on the front. No way they could have prevented it.

    Let’s sleep tight knowing we have such a competent group working on USC’s behalf.

    You have to admit (and I’m a Trojan fan, as my posting history will prove) that it’s funny.

    Enjoy your Sunday, folks. Happy Holidays to all of you. I mean that honestly.


  • uscmike

    Scott’s article contained a “gross factual error:”

    “An even bigger break occurred on the next series as defensive end Nick Perry sacked quarterback Tommy Rees and recovered his fumble at the 6-yard line. Mustain scored on a 1-yard run to tie the game, 13-13.

    That touchdown broke a streak of 227 plays and 13 quarters where the Irish did not allow a touchdown. But even the score offered an example of the Trojans’ woes as it required four plays to barely net the necessary six yards.”

    Scott is wrong. The drive started at the two-yard line after Perry picked up the fumble and was tackled. The offense need four plays to go two yards.

    C’mon Scott, get it right!

  • DFWTrojan

    This is the bottom. Things will only improve from here. Nothing like the Bruins to salve your wounds and begin the healing process. Thanks Skippy!

  • spedjones

    yeah, it’s a good thing Baxter was cleared – couldn’t have lost without that great 4 yard pass. HAHA. TRANSFER ON!

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Yeah, thanks MG for hiring that buffoon Kiffin, Gross wasn’t around to save you from yourself on that one. Is MG re taking the bar exam for the 17th time trying to pass it?

  • NOBS

    goo goo, how many SC teams are currently ranked #1? I’ll bet MG wouldn’t be calling Kiff “sensational”. Admit it, MG was great for SC. You are a loser.

  • USConquer

    Lane Kiffin, Monte Kiffin, Mitch Mustain and Ronald Johnson are to blame for this loss…fire the Kiffins already, they are dragging our program down.