Myth No. 1

During training camp, Lane Kiffin said it was the first time a backup quarterback (Mitch Mustain) could utilize all the plays exactly like the starting quarterback (Matt Barkley). So why did he go conservative with the playcalling even after Mustain got a half of experience against Oregon State last week?

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  • miguelito

    sweeeeet scooooopery dooooopery wolfman!!

  • lbc trojan

    Are you friken kidding me, Wolf?
    -Kiffin called on Mustain to throw the ball 37 times.
    -Mustain went 20/37, and hit an open Ronald Johnson deep, who dropped it.
    -Kiff, unlike Carroll not using Aaron Corp well against UW last season, had Mustain rolling out to make comfortable throws.
    -Our offensive line sucked and ND stuffed the run forcing us to throw.

    Remember USC being on the 1 yard line and taking 4 tries to finally sneak it in on 4th & goal? The defense got 3 INTs and were TERRIFIC until the last drive. The offense SUCKED and couldn’t score off turnovers. FG, failed 4TH DOWN CONV, FG, FG, etc.

    The offense sucked, why is that Kiffin’s fault? Conservative? Right, because the playcalling with Barkley was vastly different. Mmmhmm.

  • dtksr1

    Gee…. I remember Mustain throwing quite a bit. He had to because the running game did nothing against a ND defense that has sucked all year. But this game sure made them look like bad asses! What game were you watching Scott?

  • radioman

    Mr. Wolf is right, the play calling is (and has been the last 3 games), very conservative. Horizontal throws do not open up the backfield and Kiffin did not give ND enough different looks. When the playbook opened to downfield passes the team moved. As for the run game, when you don’t pass downfield you can’t run. ND simply stuffed the box and dared SC to throw. Not sure why Bradford was not allowed in the game; the business about fumbling once is nonsense and argues for the thesis that LK was (has become) too conservative.

    I was at both the Stanford and ND games. You would not believe the difference in the offensive playcalling.