Quote Of the Night

“You can’t end an eight-game winning streak to Notre Dame and call the season a success.”
— USC coach Lane Kiffin

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  • AnnaF83

    “You can’t hire Lane Kiffin at USC and call it a good idea.” — USC fans at large

  • lbc trojan

    @AnnaF83, the majority of USC fans have continued to support Kiffin and know it is a work in progress. From those I’ve talked to, read comments from, votes on different polls online, seems like most SC fans think Kiffin’s ability to recruit talented players and call plays will pay off once he’s cleaned up some of this mess he’s inherited (scholarships, no bowl game, young and inexperienced players). He’s a good coach and he’ll prove it in the coming years.
    Fight on!!

  • USConquer

    lbc: Not this Trojan. I never liked Kiffin, and I don’t know if I ever will (he has a lot of work to do to make me like him…for that matter, so does Monte).

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    i couldn’t sleep tonight, despite all the pills and booze…something is eating at me, just not right….and then it hits me!!!! not one single trOJie gave Joe “The Toe” Houston despite the fact he blasted THREE field goals including a near 50 yarder!!! c’mon trOJies, right is right, after the brutal mauling Joe “The Toe” endured early this season, he won two games for the trOJies and now blasts THREE for THREE against Nueter Dame, and not ONE PEEP of praise!!!

    i can’t help but think this can only result in bad Karma agin’ the trOJies…Joe “The Toe”, you are always welcome at Cadre HQ!! remember, Wed is Preferred Plus Night!!