Early Prediction

The Gold Sheet, on a roll after picking Oregon State and Notre Dame the past two weeks, likes UCLA to upset USC, 24-22.

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  • Cheatthesystem

    Wasn’t SC a 9 point favorite yesterday?

  • I like the prediction, but no way in hell is USC coming that close to the Bruins.

  • NOBS

    b00B, here’s what you don’t understand: WE (i.e. SC) don’t CARE what YOU think. We also know we have a
    $h!tty team this year. If we lose, who gives a $h!t? I know, you little dorks will make your lame t-shirt. BFD. NEVER has USC made a t-shirt after beating the bRuins….it’s not that big of a deal. Right, I know you’ll say it is, but that’s because it’s such a big deal for you to beat the KING. Good luck in the IE. heh heh heh