`I Miss Lane Kiffin’

Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl had this gem on Monday while addressing the Knoxville Quarterback club,
“I’ve made mistakes, I clearly did. But what I was hoping for was that some other dumbass would get on the front page and take me off the hook. I miss Lane Kiffin.”

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  • davidallen760


  • charlie buckets mother

    I’d be jealous too if someone half my age was making three times what I made…

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Aww Bruce, I know how ya feel. When I need some jerk to post a jerk off comment on the boards, I wish it was someone else… I miss the real chucky bucks*t…

    All we got now are these new moniker wanna be trolls who post hot garbage like this dude Bruin Rob…

  • Lane Kiffin

    hahahaaha now that is funny. Goatboy Kiffin is a laughing stock around the country. No one takes this moron seriously.

  • calkidd32

    lol. yeah bruce. keep it up. do your best to endear yourself to the state of tennessee. Whatever it takes to keep the focus off your shady recruiting practices and your blatant breaking of NCAA rules (which you knew you were breaking when you asked the students to lie for you).

    yeah. This guy is a real class act. I hope he enjoys getting fired at the end of the year. then he’ll be the dumbass without a job.

  • scottneedstolearnfootball

    Wow, Scott how do you find time to eat when you scouring the internet all day for negative stuff on USC. Although all of your pictures clearly show your not missing any meals.

  • @monothedecease, my aim is to get under someone’s skin, and so far at least five idiots are biting: YOU, freeStinker, queenMoron, USCownsTheShitBowl(you fools are the same jackass) and NOBS…so, I’ve done my job. Ready for the beat down you’re gonna get at the greatest college football venue in America AKA the Rose Bowl the Home of the Mighty UCLA Bruins. UCLA will take the city back on Saturday.

  • USConquer

    That does it!!! I’m sick and tired of these pansy-ass Vols fans and coaches taking swipes at SC. If Lane is a man, he should beat the crap out of Pearl. FIGHT On, Kiffin!!! (or GTFO)

  • ThaiMex

    Dear U-skunker
    You and Lame combined are way less intimidating than Teague (cribs on Campus video)…You sort of come across as the SUCk version of BAGDAD BOB…What’s your choice of “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”?…a golf cart w/mag wheels?
    3 game losing streak makes for a VERY LONG OFF SEASON!
    The Curse of The Gay Bronze Horse is UPON YOU!(francis?)
    Fite on Troxan!
    The good news is…Basketball season Just Started!

  • USConquer

    ThaiMix why are you comparing me with Lane if I don’t even like LK you fool. Our team has a lot of talent and we’d do better with a solid coach. Who the hell is Bagdad Bob anyway? Probably another one of your made up friends.