• The Monopoly Is Over Here

    How confident am I that Wolf will be the biggest douche in LA this week? The gold sheet is giving me -350. I’m still doubling down!!

    Hey Thai Mexican, my Srirachi sauce is running low and my tortillas are almost out…. Step your game up!!

  • oregon111

    I will atempt to throw some logic at you:

    The Blazers have made the playoffs the last 2 or 3 seasons – but lost in the first round without any hope of advancing.

    McMillan is the worst coach in the NBA. He has them playing at a snails pace and lets Brandon Roy hold the f****in ball and just stand there while everyone else stands around.

    I can’t stand that team anymore. I hope they lose every game so a change can be made.


    Do you see where I’m going with this???

    If Lame wins a few here and there, you will be stuck with him for a long time.

    If you are an ‘educated’ fan, you should hope USC loses to UCLA — or you will have these kind of seasons for the next decade and a half.

    Kind of crazy thoghts, but if you think about it – it makes sense.

  • bandg

    the loss of their best defensive player, McDonald, and a decimated secondary will lead to a relatively convincing ucla victory.