Kiffy Fan

From ESPN columnist Pat Forde: “Overemployed Coach of the Year: Lane Kiffin (17). An impressive run for the man, winning this award for the second straight season with two different teams. After reducing former giant USC to 7-5 and becoming the first Trojans coach to lose to Notre Dame since 2001, Kiffy’s career head-coaching record now is a robust 19-26.”

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    If you combine Petey’s NFL record with his first year record at USC, you get a similar record. After next year Kiff will be over .500.

    I nominate Pat Forde for biggest douche juicer of the year covering college foozeball for ESPN…

    Where’s Bruin Rob? My toilets need cleaning..

  • ThaiMex

    3-4 million dollars a year…..19-26? “Who goofed…I wanna know, brilliant, Fu@king brilliant”
    Was Bernie Madoff behind this deal too?

  • snarfy

    Snarky and uninformed. Name five coaches in history who have ever in their entire careers put together a single class better than any of the multiple classes Kiffin played an important role in forming earlier this decade.

    If anything, this season’s results highlight just how much the quality of recruiting dropped off after Kiffin left, casting his value in sharp relief.

    Pat correctly points out that Kiffin was the first Trojans coach to lose to Notre Dame since 2001. He would also be correct to point out that Kiffin was the first coach other than Pete Carroll to face Notre Dame since 2001. Both points are equally useless.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Come on, it’s the Raiders and Al Davis. He actually improved the Vols.

  • Lane Kiffin

    Goatboy Kiffin is a joke and everyone knows it. USC football is dead with this moron calling his crappy plays. Ya SC only had the top rated recruiting classes in 2007 and 2008 when Goatboy was pretending to be a coach some where else. Are there two bigger frauds in sports than Goatboy Kiffin and Steve Suckisian. Thanks Pete for creating those two losers.


    If Lane was fired today, what other major college football program would be in a rush to hire him???? I don’t think there is a “market” for him outside of USC. And if that’s the case, then why is he the head coach of one of the most powerful football programs?! I heard Jeff Fisher may be stepping down from the Titans at the end of the NFL season…I’m just saying.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Jeff Fisher

  • Brent

    Pat forgets to mention that Lane has already won one national championship in his one year on the job. The one they give out in February. The recruiting national championship, which is where great teams are made. And he did it under Pete Carroll’s departure and pending NCAA rulings. Stay tuned. The complete story of Kiffin has yet to be written.

  • snarfy

    SCDDS – you are right that there may not be much of a market for Kiffin outside USC. Hopefully you understand the power of incentives. I know he does. Lane knows if he fails here he will be done as a head coach for years. Given that, one of the hardest working men in college football is not going to be outworked by anyone.

    1. He is proven as an elite recruiter
    2. He is proven as a developer of talent
    3. He has SC heritage
    4. He is a foremost student of the game

    There is nobody better suited to lead SC through this period. The last thing the program needs right now is coaching turmoil. The situation requires consistency of leadership and an ability to maximize a limited number of scholarships by correctly evaluating talent.

    There is no room for error on the recruiting front, and changing coaches once again would extend the ripple effects of the current talent deficiencies even further into the future. It could have disastrous consequences.

    Besides, how attractive would the USC job be to anyone else right now? Changing coaches has no upside for the program and tons of downside.

    Everyone whose panties are getting all knotted up in a bunch right now are the kinds of people who sell their stocks because they just went down 5% and they can’t see past the next week.

  • Conquest1517

    I get that Kiffin has done a less than inspiring job this season but what’s Mack Brown or Urban Meyer’s excuse? It seems to me that even aside from the NCAA sanctions, there will typically be growing pains with a coaching change. I’d feel a whole lot worse if I were Texas or Florida, at least SC has legitimate excuses.

  • snarfy

    Conquest1517 – THANK YOU for providing some badly needed perspective.

  • troganfan

    Add Pat Forde to the list of “douches” that has said something bad about Kiff. This list is getting pretty long but I’m glad the trogan faithfull have remained loyal to this proven winner. And does the recruiting national championship include my man Ambles & Henderson? Does that natty need to be taken away too?

  • Trojan Conquest

    Conquest1517……..agreed. I think we got really spoiled by Pete. It’s tough to win big every year. Even with Tebow during his soph year they lost 4 games. Hell, look at Alabama. Same players back and they lost 3 games and are out of the title hunt.

  • miguelito

    i hope kiffy is the hc at sc for a looooong time

  • @MonoTheDecease, I’m right here tootsie, I was just handling business with that blonde girlfriend of yours.

  • ThaiMex

    MONO(nucleosis) is Delusional
    According to your Fuzzy Math…in order for Lame to end next year at OVER 500…SUCk needs to go at least 10 & 2..THATS TEN and year.
    This Years team (BTS) BEFORE THE SANCTIONS is headed for a Terribly Long Off season to dwell on a pathetic 7&6 record. You must believe in Divine Intervention..expecting to alter next years schedule and replace Arizona, Arizona St, Cal, Notre Dame(kelly owns Kiffy), stanford(Harbaugh owns kiffy), Washington(Sarks Owns kiffy), Oregon(your turn to comment), UCLA(recruiting finally pays off)and instead play Minnie twice, Syracuse TWICE, Colorado TWICE, and add Washington St. for a 2 game “in season” deal? Huh?
    yOUR SHARED BRAIN (1/2 TO YOU, 1/2 TO KNOBS) MUST work on only even numbered days, which explains a lot…ie. odd-knobs.
    Back to my point…6 to 8 losses next year, in my book..probably only a few more than this years total (collapse).
    The Curse of The Gay Bronze Horse is Upon You (francis?)
    Next year will forever be referred to as THE YEAR OF THE SANCTIONED!
    Phite on Trogan!


    If you could rewind the clock 1 year ago, wouldn’t USC had been better off hiring Kiffin back as offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator, then handing him all of the keys to the castle? His lack of head coaching experience has shown up in EVERY single game that we’ve played this year. When you are one of the most successful programs in NCAA history, you shouldn’t have to SETTLE for a coach best known for being a great recruiter.

  • calkidd32

    oh pat forde. ye of the large forehead and the junior high school blog-style writing skills. Kiffin was brought in because he knew SC’s system and he’s a master recruiter….which is what the program will need with fewer scholarships (pending an appeal)

    Kiffin will be fine for this team. And all those saying Fisher would be a great hire…has the dude ever recruited high school kids? Do we know if he can sell himself? Would he be willing to wait out the sanctions? The grass is always greener…until you walk over to the other side and step in a pile of dogs4it

  • USConquer

    miguelito, i sure hope you are not a USC fan. Idjiot.