Number Dropping

USC is now favored by as few as six points after opening as a nine-point favorite against UCLA. Looks like money is flowing toward the Bruins.

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  • Ghostt of Charlie Bucket

    Sugary sweeeeeeeeeeet scoopin’ Wolfman!!! the trOJans are gonna get it!!! Neu, Chow Chow, and the gunslinger Brehaut are ready for big balls Kiff!!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I’ll wager what Bruin Rob makes in a week sweeping my floors ($22) that USC will think about whether or not it wants to play.

    Believe me Bruins, you are lucky that we even want to play you. Your team is so bad we should relegate you and wash state to the WAC…. Can we exchange ya’ll for Boise State and Nevada??? We need real competition to even get up.

    Oh Bruin Rob’s momma has been doing a bad job of making it go up lately… If you know what I mean……

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    @ThaiMaxx: UCLA is 4-7.. soon to be 4-8.. it’s gonna be GREAT!!


    Actually, and more correctly stated, the money is being laid for ucla AND THE POINTS. If the game were evaluated at 4-points or less for the favored SC, you can bet the gamblers would drive up the point spread.

    Now, about the game. ucla does not play too badly in the rose bowl, Barkley will probably not play, and SC is not too confident about itself. On the other hand, ucla cannot be very confident either, and they are playing an inexperienced quarterback.

    I’d call it 27-24, pick’em.

    Of course if SC loses I will go out and kill myself, but not before I take out Vainglory Ugly Bucket and Humorless ThaiMex. These two epitomize what it is to be a bore: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. No wonder they root for ucla.

    Better yet, the season will be over, so in effect the bruins on this blog will be dead because nobody will be reading their rubbish, or anybody else’s for that matter. I mean, who cares about sports other than football.

    So I will spare bruins’ blood on my hands– not to mention my own.

  • ThaiMex

    LawyerJohn, FarmerJohn, Paralegal John….I’m so confused about you,… For You….You are a man amongst men, a manly man, a man of of wisdom, compassion and love. I love you man! Without you, this board is Nothing, actually it’s less than nothing (sort of like that big empty space between Knob’s ears). You’ve come a long way big fella and i want to send out a GREAT BIG SINCERE , Thank You for playing along this season. I have but one request..(Yea…I stole this from “Bucket”)..
    Don’t go a changin, we love just they way you are! (you big bed-wettin, tights wear’n, hunk of man!) You’all come back soon, hear!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    ouch. ThaiMex, is time for us to hang it up. lets face it, when the ParaDummy calls you boring, and humorless, it is akin to a going to the circus and having the Fat Man call you a porker. time to join the LapBand Revolution!! let your new life begin!!!

    next Cadre meeting i am bringing in the ParaDummy as a guest speaker to show us how NOT to be boring and humorless!! he can demonstrate some of his timeless zingers, like: Ugly Bucket….HAWR HAWR!!! sorry that’s so funny, i lose it every time!!

    Just be carefull not to lock eyes with him, we all know how he faces down mobs of rowdy bruins every week, and dang it, he always makes us back down!!!!

  • NOBS

    LJ, ALL the pressure is on Fucla. If they don’t beat us this year, they hardly EVER will. We are not a good team. This is their chance. So far, like ThaiB, they’ve stepped on their short d!@k. All comes down to their QB. If he’s on his passing game, we are dead. Barks will play…count on it. Our D looks like b00Bs wife…big holes every where, with anyone penatrating that wants too. So Slick Rick is tight and nervous. Kiff has nothing to lose. We all know this is a down year and he’ll get a pass.

  • ThaiMex

    LAWYER JOHN said: Of course if SC loses I will go out and kill myself, …..
    Lemme guess….a la Seau, overdose on roids…or death by kawabunga?