Barkley Update

It looks like Matt Barkley is slowly inching toward being available for the UCLA game. Barkley’s bothered by a bone bruise in his Achilles more than the sprained ankle but said he made good progress today.
That said, he did not sound like he could play if there were a game tomorrow.
But Lane Kiffin expects Barkley to be available. Barkley said he can throw 100 percent and run forward fine. Only lateral movement could be a problem.

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  • schammer47

    If MB7. the “Everyday of my life I am used to getting my ass kissed, especially by USC coaches(!)” Choke Artist plays one down in Saturday’s game. it will be nothing less than one Damn Atrosity. This is Mitch Mustian’s game to win, plane and simple.

    The ND-USC was not televised in my area but from reading the USC blogs, it seems our receivers played like so many fairy princesses with the prevebial hard on for ND. When Mr. Mustain passes you the ball, catch the damn ball, RoJo!!!!!!!!!

    Questions: Why has Robert Woods disappeared since his Heisman Trophy worth Stanford outbreak? Is he injured? Is he even suited up?

    A Mitch Mustain led Victory over UCLA would be a tremendous last game thrill for him and all of us who have watched him endure two years of abuse from not one but two coaching staffs, who should have known better.

    Fight On, Mr. Mustain!!

    Fight On, Trojans!!

  • OldTymer

    Sooo, help me out here: “a bone bruise in his Achilles”, how does one have a bone bruise in a tendon? Or, is there an Achilles bone?

  • BBPeps13

    Woods had 100+ yrds vs cal (after standford) but then got hurt the next game vs oregon, and wasn’t healthy until the OSU game but no one played well that game. He had 80+ yrds vs ND so he did good. As for Mitch, while it wasn’t his fault the receivers dropped the ball its not like he was doing better than Barkley. And although it’s not like Mitch was bad but this game kinda proved why coaches choose Barkley over Mitch. That said it would be a good send off for Mitch if he got to start this last game, and we have a good shit at winning with either QB (if the O-line decides to show up).

  • Trojan Conquest

    I was surprised by how weak Mustain’s arm looked. The only pass that looked real sharp was the missed catch by RoJo.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Barks needs to play. This win will cap off our arrogant season. After the Game I will to to Thai Mexican’s Thai restaurant and poop in his Thai soup….

    SC dominates the city…

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    OldTymer, I was just wondering the same thing. Does it mean that the bone bruise is on the bone under the Achilles tendon?

  • OldTymer

    Anatomy and medicine are certainly not my song suits, but I think the Achilles tendon runs along the back of the leg away from bones until it reaches the heel area. So maybe the bone bruise thing applies in that area? Anyone, anyone…