• missinglink

    Do I wish RoJo had made that catch? Yes. Was he the only receiver that game (or even that drive) that dropped balls he should have caught? No. Was the loss solely the fault of missed catches, and not losing in the trenches and bad play-calling? No.

    Cut the guy some slack. Fight on, RoJo.

  • NOBS

    F RoJo. That’s his job. Period.

  • djtjp

    RoJo has a huge heart and is a winner all the more for feeling the sting of the failed catch… Trojans have endured as a whole, the worst coaching possible.. I laugh at the comparable to Pete as some have said “Well Pete lost his first game to the Irish his first season.” WELL.. Pete didn’t have the horse power that Kiff does.. PERIOD. His play calling is either to (rushed/hurry up) or to (slow/conservative), and quite frankly the colliseum is a different place all together…this season.. some what numb if the best way to describe it..Kiffin is almost computer animated.. Call that discipline Haden all you want, I call that uninspiring..
    Attitude reflects leadership!!!!!!!!!!!
    RoJo did fail the catch, but to be at that point against NOTRE DAME that we have to make a catch to win a game after 4 turnovers.. is PATHETIC. I only hope that next season we see new coaching and that we get some good recruits, hoping they don’t jump ship. Ronald, you will get heat for that drop but you know what, you are a Trojan, so what is new about getting heat! FIGHT ON!!!!!!!! Redemption w/UCLA?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    how sad to see more trOJies not only turning their backs on fellow trOJies, but kicking them while their down. first Joe “The Toe” was crucified by Ugly trOJIes early in the season, now RoJo, the noblest of trOJies is being mercilessly attacked for dropping a pass in the rain… i do hope recruits visit this blog to see what they have in store for them if they come to Southern Cal: probation, few schollies, no bowls and constant criticism from the “fans”!!

    as i have said, it’s not “trOJie for life”, it’s “trOJie for now, until you make a mistake,” right, RoJo??

  • ThaiMex

    To all troxan fans and foes…
    Now is the time for all of you to finally stand up to “Moron” , in the truest sense, Knobbs. You are either with him ..or against him. Cast your vote…
    Pathetic, simply pathetic.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


    You’re a pathetic excuse for a USC fan. Rojo has done everything the right way. A 4-year senior. A Trojan. He is a student-athlete, not a paid professional.

    You can leave now.


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I’ll take a RoJo any day over a Embry or a Rosario.

    RoJo is gonna torch the “Mighty” UCLA secondary come saturday.

    Thai Mexican won’t be able to watch the game because he will be shoveling my horse stables. Back to work Thai Mexican!!

  • sureshot

    Ronald Johnson has been a huge disappointment in my mind. I just don’t think he’s all that good. For a really fast guy, he rarely catches a deep pass and aside from an occasional punt return, he doesn’t make big plays.

    I’m not down on him too much for that drop though. Although it was a really easy catch, there’s no proof that the SC defense would have held. After all, Kiffin did say that they were the worst two minute defense in the history of sports… so, even Neuter Dame might have scored with a minute to go.

    More troubling was the offensive and defensive lines getting pushed around. I know we were without Tyron Smith, but the O-line looked like a bunch of Nancy boys out there. And I don’t know what happened to Coach O, but this defensive line is anything but dominant. He needs to get his swagger back – because right now they’re just blah.

    If SC is going to get any modicum of satisfaction from this season, they need to kill ucla. But with Barkley beat up and with Mustain looking like the second coming of Aaron Corp at Washington, that may not happen.

  • uscmike

    Fair or not, RoJo will always be remembered for dropping a sure TD pass. I hope he can get some redemption against fUCLA.

  • dtksr1

    Too bad for RoJo and his quilt. I believe him when he says its hard to get over this. I also believe Kiffin in saying RoJo will probably never forget this drop. Some players deserve better, and I feel RoJo is one of them because of his effort & dedication in being the best he can be. When he gets into the NFL, he will have new challenges to face and it will get put in the background of his mind. Lets hope so anyway…

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    I don’t see any point in throwing RoJo under the bus. The bus ran over this season and drove away after the Oregon State loss — probably heading up to Eugene, full of recruits, with maybe a brief stop in Palo Alto.

    Too bad we couldn’t have Damian Williams for one more year.

  • spedjones

    i love all the references to Mustain being the second-coming of Corp. Have you all forgotten that SC was down 20-0 before Barks went out against Oregon State? Have you forgotten that SC lost to UW this year? Mustain’s not the second-coming of Corp, he’s the second-coming of Barkely! LOL.

  • spedjones

    BTW, I thought the morning buzz might have been referring to Dillon Baxter as he rode along in an agent’s golf cart, smoking a joint while looking for his missing phone.

  • snarfy

    USC fans should have nothing but respect for Ronald Johnson. He works hard and he’s loyal. He has a good attitude. He could have left but he stayed.

  • uscmike

    In other news, spedjones was arrested for beating a dead horse…again.

  • torpedoman

    @uscmike, that’s beating “off” a dead horse!