Neuheisel Reaction

“I’ve got to look hard at how we are going to turn the corner. But some of the things that plague us continue to plague us. Those are hard decisions and that’s hard analysis, but it’s absolutely mandatory that I do it.”

— UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel
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    Not suprised a brawl broke out. A few years back my friends and I were throwing the football around when a band of bruins arrived and brazenly set up their tent so we could not continue our football. A fight could have easily broken out at that time…I have personally been attacked by bruins over the years at Pauley Pavilion. Of course, it may have something to do with my shirt, which reads “Bruins Suck.”

    As for the game, thank goodness it came on too late back East for most people to stay up and watch. Did SC play down to that awful ucla, or are both schools just simply not very good? Whatever, I found it amateurish looking

    Best part of the season is forever looking back at this 2010 blog with all the boring ucla losers, and not having to read Scott Wolf until next August.

    The Best of the Holidays to All, and to All a hearty goodnight. Goodnight, Gracie.

  • Old School

    So how many recruits – including Hundley – have now decided to de-commit after watching last night’s A$$-Whooping? And on their “home” field, too?

    I expected a much closer game considering how many injuries USC had on defense, plus Barkley playing on one leg. And that was a gift TD at the end there to that TE who looked like he was running in quick sand. Hats off to the defense for exposing Brehaut and that Toy Gun Offense.

    UCLA was out-played. Out-coached. Out-fanned. Out-hearted. I guess you can say the gutless little bruins were “outed” last night in front of 90,000 at the Rose Bowl.

    I personally hope Slick Rick signs a 5-year extension this winter. I wouldn’t put it pass No-Clue Guerrero. Then the A$$-Whoopings can continue for another 5 years.

    Last note: If you’re a football recruit in Southern California, which program looks like it has more promise? And how many seconds does it take to make that determination?

    With Haden on hand to keep an eye on things, the future again looks bright. Still tons of work to do, and 11-2 was do-able this season despite everything, but 8-5 will do. This should keep everybody around Heritage Hall hungry and motivated for another 365 days.


  • NOBS

    It’s been an awful year for SC Football. But in spite of everything, 8-5 is ok….just ok. Losing to ND hurt. The last second losses were just as bad. Even beating Fucla wasn’t the “enjoyment” I usually have. But at least we won’t have to hear Slick Rick talk about how their program is “catching up”. Their players looked way inferior to our. Zumwalt will regret the day (he probably already does) he signed with the bRuins. We’ll out recruit them again and another @$$ woppin’ will be coming next year. And to ALL the bRuin trolls from this year, Spud, b00B, Westdick, ThaiB and the rest…..F U & ROFLMAO

    Losers. Period.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I’m starting to think Neuheisel isn’t the right guy for the job. Oh well, at least I have you Trojans to thank for that +7 line vs. Oregon aka the lock of the century. I move into my new house in a couple of weeks.

    Phyte Awn!

  • Congratulations on the win. I guess we suck more than I thought we did, now that football season is over, I guess there nothing else left to say on here. So long everyone.

  • BoscoH

    @BruinRob: Suicide is not the answer. Instead, have you considered enrolling for an MSW at USC and joining the Trojan Monopoly?

  • NOBS

    b00B, WE KNEW you sucked, you wouldn’t listen. You’ll be back with more BS that is meaningless. Bottom line: Fucla is INFERIOR.

  • Brent

    Rick’s comments here are so, well, Rick. He’s always pointing the finger at someone else – players, coaches. If it’s mandatory that he take a look at everybody he manages, it’s also true that his AD and President must take a “mandatory” look at him. Fortunately for Rick, his bosses don’t have any money to make the necessary changes. UCLA football is bad and, judging by the current state of recruiting, about to get a lot worse.

  • DixieTrojan

    @UCLA Dynasty… Enjoy the cardboard box you bought.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Don’t worry Ricky, with the current economic state of Cali that won’t allow fucla to pay any competent coach to replace you, a moron for an AD worse than MG who like MG was a minority hire and total apathy among your fans and alums, you’re safe for many years of mediocrity to come.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey looks forward to seeing RN coaching the baby blue sidelines for years to come.

  • sureshot

    I just hope Neuheisel sticks around for years and years. Firing Rick and hiring a genius like Chris Petersen or a pioneer like Mike “put em in the closet” Leach would spell trouble for SC. But if I know Dan Guerrero (I don’t) they will not make a move. If Rick’s name was Karl Dorrell, he would have been long gone already, but his name buys time.

    I do find it funny how ucla fans and Notre Dame fans alike both blame their failed former coaches years after the fact. It’s almost a mirror image situation with bruins blaming Dorrell and the Irish blaming Willingham even though their replacements have been in place for several years and have multiple recruiting classes to call their own. Keep blaming Dorrell and Willingham guys, they make great scapegoats for your ineptitude.

    Fight on!

  • charlie buckets mother

    In all seriousness, I feel sorry for you Pandas. Westhollywood rob, bruin slob, stupedjones, and the gang. As down of a year SC has had, the Pandas made us look great last night.

    How disillusioned are you guys? You realize you looked a shade better than a high school team last night? At home? Against your biggest rivals?

    Continue feeding us your BS. We know where you get it. We saw the BS your rat faced coach gives you guys before and after games. (Shaking my head)… Starting to feel for you guys.

    Know this. We bleed Cardinal and Gold. Always will. The runs we’ve had, the national recognition we have, and the tradition, you guys will never know what that’s like.

    Fight on now, tomorrow, and forever!!!!!!!

  • dtksr1

    It’s good bye Norm Chow…. maybe the faired hair guy in the trojan AD office will invite Norm to a meeting with Lane again and there will be different results this time?