Answer Thursday! (Part 4)

A question here about the stabbing at the Rose Bowl last weekend.

Q: Trojan in Redondo said:
A lot has been said about the brawl and stabbings that took place at the Rose Bowl before this year’s USC-UCLA game, but do you remember how there was also another stabbing before the same game during the past decade? That time, someone lost his eye after being stabbed with a broken beer bottle. So my questions here are – has the issue of fan safety during/before the USC-UCLA game become an issue among the administrations of either university? Did you notice how the people involved in this brawl and stabbing, just like the previous occasion, were not affiliated with either USC or UCLA? Do you consider this to be the residual effects of displaced Raider fans aligning themselves with local college teams whose traditions they do not understand or appreciate?

A: I don’t know if it is displaced Raiders fans but there is a general coarseness in society lately that seems to spillover to sports. I think it’s one reason USC banned beer sales at football games. It’s really a shame because the setting for the Rose Bowl is perfect for tailgating but when you see incidents like the stabbing, it makes even think twice about going to these type of events. I’m sure the police presence will increase in Pasadena next season. I think that’s one pretty good thing about USC games. I see plenty of police.

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  • thekatman

    The lack of proper policing, gang bangers hanging around because the areas around the Rose Bowl are far and wide, are just a few reasons why me and my friends, long time SC ticket holders, do not go to that game when held in The Rose Bowl. Besides, who wants to sit on aluminum benches.

    The previous games you mention is the infamous 9 – 13 UCLA win over SC during the John David Booty days. That dern game took us out of the BCS NC Game, though SC kicked Michigan’s butt in the The Rose Bowl Game on January 1st. SC finished 12-1 that season.

  • Trojan Conquest

    This was covered before on an earlier take.

  • Trojan Conquest

    And I believe all Pac 10 schools don’t serve beer.


    In a positive step, the Rose Bowl will also ban sales of Purple Drank during the games.

  • NJ Trojan

    @thekatman: 11-2. SC lost at Corvalis that year. Still, any year SC beast UCLA & beats ND & wins the P12 & wins the RB is a great year.