The Rumor Mill

We hear Michigan is waiting until after the Orange Bowl to hire Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. Lane Kiffin will celebrate Jan. 4.

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  • DixieTrojan

    Sad news. I was hoping USC could get some revenge on that dude after his Luck has run out.

    USC will see him in the Rose Bowl in five years.

  • Old School

    Odds are Harbaugh will be in the NFL in 5 years like his brother. Probably coaching the Chicago Bears.

    On another note, I checked out Michael Lev’s blog at the OC Register like somebody else suggested. It’s quite good. He has a lot of recruiting news that you don’t find here. Besides Farmer, USC has landed a JC cornerback and a big DL-FB prospect from Mira Costa High School. I think Kiffin doesn’t need to wait until Jan. 4th to be happy. Things are looking up!

  • Trojan Conquest

    You wonder why he would leave? He lived there in high school, so it’s like home. Palo Alto is a much better place than Ann Arbor. The reason is Stanford fan could care less. For the Arizona game, when Arizona was highly ranked and had only one loss, Stanford could only draw around 40,000.

  • Rusty Buckets

    I don’t believe that JH will be Michigan’s next head coach. I see him taking one of the available NFL jobs in January.

  • NOBS

    Rumor Mill: We heard goo goo has a brain.

    Confirmation: Negative.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    talk about sweeeeeet scooops!! water covers 2/3 of the Earth, wolfman covers the rest!! i checked all the sports wires and none of them has this juicy morsel of sweeeeeeet scooopin’!!

    wolfman, once this is comfirmed, it will be another banner day for the “Best Beat Writer in America”!!!

    NUBS, what are you doing here? aren’t you still being booty busted on the What Me Worry? post from yesterday?? and you show up with another lame comment???

    are you on medication?? wolf, please suspend his ID for the good of Southern Cal!!

  • NOBS

    Son of a B!tch, you’re just another bRuin troll on a spuperior site. Go back to sucking up to your buddies like goo goo. Your brain is as large as goo goo’s. ROFLMAO

  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    That’s really telling him, NOBS.

    NOBS, please tell me you really went to Cal Poly or some other place….ANYWHERE but USC!

  • SCman

    I don’t understand why kiffin would celebrate. Because Standford beat sc at home on a last second filed goal? That’s why?

  • Trojan 70

    Some great recruiting action going on for the the Trojans this weekend and there is nothing on Wolf’s blog about it. Check out the Michael Lev blog on OCR. I’m telling you, there is real information there. Not the crap that Wolf dishes out. See you later Wolf.

  • NOBS

    TC, how would anyone know you are an alum? Cut with the holier than thou crap. There are many SC guys tired of the Fucla BS about their football program, which hasn’t won a national championship since 1954. It’s a joke. It’s no different than SC beating Fucla in basketball. We are not in their league, never will be. Yes, we will beat them from time to time, but until we win ONE national championship, we are chump change in basketball. Same goes for them in football.

  • Trojan Conquest

    You’re assuming that USC fans on this site are alums. I’ve already stated that these trolls aren’t grads from UCLA. No upstanding alum from such a fine university would spend so much time on another school’s site. Likewise, no USC grad would give a rip what some loser troll is saying. This site is full of people who want to make it about them, and not about USC.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I just don’t give a sh*t about them or you. I’m interested in SC things, not what some guy in his Mom’s basement is writing. But that’s just me.

  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    KNOBS, get a clue…us Troxans have thrown you under the bus after the A$$-rape you endured in the What Me Worry? post from yesterday!

    this is called “distancing ourselves from the Loser”

    KNOBS, how can you show your lipstick-smeared face after being violated like this?? have you no Troxan pride??

  • NOBS

    Mono-Could care less what you or old man TC thinks. Losers, both of you. TC a 50’s grad and you a bRuin troll.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Actually 80’s.

  • NOBS

    Let me guess, Trojan Knight, TKE, Band, Lit Major.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Not even close. Don’t even know what 3 of those are?

  • NOBS

    TC, you just proved you did NOT go to SC …..OR, you are the biggest NERD on earth. ROFLMAO

  • Trojan Conquest

    Sorry, I was partying on the row. And I guess I know what TKE is, but seriously, who would want to admit that they knew the Tekes?

  • NOBS

    That was my POINT! BTW, it’s not “partying on the row” when you are just the bartender and cleaning up afterwards. Double ROFLMAO

  • Trojan Conquest

    Thanks for making my point. People don’t give a sh*t about you or me. They care about getting information about USC.

  • torpedoman

    @Trojan Conquest,
    And you are right. That’s why Michael Lev’s blog is so outstanding.
    Fight On