Hail Caesar!

An high-ranking NFL assistant watched film of the Seattle Seahawks this week.
“They are a joke,” he said to me.

17 thoughts on “Hail Caesar!

  1. What’s the point of writing this? Particularly without attribution.

    A high-ranking Pulitzer Prize jurist read “Inside USC” this week. It is a joke,” he said to me.

  2. It is pathetic to see Scott try to embarrass Pete Carroll. Every time I see one of these posts, which are becoming far too regular on this blog, I feel sorry and embarrassed for Scott.

    Scott, do you think that Pete remembers your name? Better question is whether he ever bothered to learn it in the first place (hence the scorn…)

    Here’s a suggestion for a new name for your blog: “Inside Unnamed Sources Who Dislike Pete Carroll”.

    Newsflash – no one on this site cares that the Seahawks are good or bad or if some pansy has an axe to grind against Pete. We really don’t care.Time for you to lick your wounds and move on.

  3. Pete is a much better coach than you are a writer.

    The Seasquaks are a better team than your employer is a newspaper

    Enough. BTW, I’ll bet that un-named source makes about as much money as goo goo and bB00b.

  4. Wolf – you are a large “prick.” Please kick me off so I don’t have to come back here and waste my time with your crap.

  5. Hey booboo, Wolf doesn’t have to embarrass Carroll, PC does a fine job of that each and every Sunday.

    BTW booboo, how did NOBS taste?

  6. Pete is the only unsuccessful coach of the Patriots in the 17 year tenure of Bob Kraft. 10-6, 9-7, and 8-8.

    6-10 at the Jets.

    Great recruiter and nothing else. Who thought the easy access agents had to the players would not end badly?

    USC is a gold standard football program and can win without the compromises that come with the Coach Carrolls and Sabins.

    What was really pathetic was taking his last team, loaded with more talent than anyone else in the Pac 10, to the Emerald Bowl.

    Lets see how the Seahawks finish.

  7. goo goo, quit wasting time and start studying Miami’s TE depth chart. Again, congrats on your new job.

  8. again i have to question whether the trOXans on this site are intellectually challenged…i mean in the retarded sense!

    when wolf posts info, the nattering nabobs of negativity cry and whine that he has no original scooops, but when wolfman posts one of his numerous sugary sweeeet scooops, the nabobs still whine and cry unless the post is vanilla trOXan propaganda!!!

    poor wolfman, you must feel like you’re visiting a weight room when you come onto this blog…cause you’re surrounded by dumbbells!!

  9. son of a B, laughable. Your are a loser….like goo goo and b B00b. Too bad. Lousy football team and second rate alumni. Sorry.

  10. I’m getting that funny feeling again!! oh KNOBS, you brute, come to me now….I need your strong rough hands all over my trembling body….
    Take me, KNOBS, (bending over) take me now!!

  11. Geez NOBS and Monopoly, get a room.

    Stop trying to turn this joint into some kind of gay dating site. I’m here to talk sports.

  12. Papa, I haven’t read one post of yours regarding sports that worth a $h!t. Has it stopped raining in the IE?

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