The Rumor Mill

We hear that Rick Neuheisel is trying to raise the money to pay off former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow.

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    Can USC boosters make donations to Slick Rick’s fund, on the condition that Norm returns to Troy as an assistant?

  • Mike

    With all of the young QB talent Troy has stockpiled it would be interesting to see what Chow could do, though there’s no way he would subordinate himself to Kiffin.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Utah should hire Chow, Wittingham needs a good OC.

  • NOBS

    I hear Norm Chow has ALREADY raised enough money to pay off Slick Rick and get rid of that Dbag.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Bruin offense played like Norm was already on our payroll. Slick rick throwing him under the bus to save his own skin. Amazing how history continues to repeat itself.

  • dtksr1

    Don’t expect any movement from Kiffin on this. He thought he was better than Chow 4 years ago. No telling how superior he feels he is today!

  • DixieTrojan

    @dtksr1: You are exactly right. SC was supposedly “close” to signing Chow when Lane was hired. Chow would have come back to USC in a New York Minute. However, Chow didn’t come back because Lane didn’t want him.

    USC will have Lane calling the shots on offense for the next two years. Yippee!!!

  • Someone get Spielberg and Lucas on the phone! Let’s raise some money to KEEP CHOW IN WESTWOOD!!! Chant With Me: “FOUR MORE YEARS!” “FOUR MORE YEARS!” “FOUR MORE YEARS!” “FOUR MORE YEARS!” “FOUR MORE YEARS!”

  • @KNOBBED, you better be nice to Rick or I will go to Stanton and slap you silly.

  • NOBS

    B00b, where the hell is Stanton?

  • spedjones

    LOL. When’s Arnett committing again?