Answer Monday! (Part 3)

In this segment, readers ask about Pete Carroll’s future after the Seahawks. Hey, six wins can produce that type of talk.

Q: USCfan said:
Say Caesar is fired in 3 years, do you see college football teams trying to hire him or do you think he keeps his loyalty to the Trojans and waits till the ‘SC job is available; do you think he would come to back to coach here?

A: Loyalty to the Trojans? I think that was demonstrated in January with NCAA probation looming. But let’s say I’m wrong on that point. I think he’d go right back into college at the right place. If Miami or some other big school near the water opened up, he’d be interested. If USC was open, he would come back too.

Q: SCDDS said:
Have Tyron Smith and/Or Jurell Casey signed on with agents? I’m hearing the NFL impending lockout is a real threat to those juniors considering an early exit.

A: As of right now, they are not signed with agents. The lockout is a possibility, but they are aware of this and that the collective bargaining agreement expires in March. So they will probably wait to sign and see what happens.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
Obviously it all depends on what coaching jobs are open but when Pete Carroll returns to college ball, what type of school/conference do you see him going to?

I can’t see him working in the SEC. Would Pat Haden want him at USC? Would he ruin his image at ‘SC by filling another Pac-12 opening or maybe try out a Big Ten school? Would Pete be in demand? I’m guessing Stanford and Michigan prefer Jim Harbaugh.

More importantly. If Pete loses his Seahawks job to Jim Harbaugh and ends up with the Stanford job. Who gets Jeremy Bates?

A: Who gets Jeremy Bates? Who wants him? The UFL.
I think Carroll would take a college job near the water (Miami, maybe Cal or Stanford, maybe Washington) and see what he could accomplish in his final job. The real question would be what if someplace like Notre Dame opened up? Would he be interested? Depends on how badly he wants to keep coaching.

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  • TrojanRick

    What if the job at ucla opened up?!
    Qualifies as nearer the water than usc!
    And everyone knows it will within 1-2 years, somewhat concurrent with the expiration of his Seattle contract.

  • Trojan Conquest

    TR……that would be worse than Rick Pitino.