Answer Monday! (Part 4)

I announce my choices to start at linebacker and offer some insight into Mike Garrett’s thought process on a coaching hire in this segment.

Q: briankeithedwards said:
If you had to predict who will be the starting linebacker for the 2010-2011 season?

A: When Lane Kiffin was asked this question after the season, he said he did not know. But I will take a stab at it. I think Chris Galippo starts in the middle and Devon Kennard starts at the strongside spot. That leaves the weakside linebacker position. Hayes Pullard will be a candidate. But I think Tre Madden will start, unless USC signs a JC linebacker in February. I think Madden is capable of stepping in and playing right away and intelligent enough to learn the defense in training camp.

Q: The Ghost of John McKay said:
Is it true that when Mike Garrett interviewed Kevin O’Neill for the head coaching job at USC he held up a soccer ball, a volleyball and a basketball and when O’Neill picked the basketball he was offered the job? Is it also true that Garrett had no idea which ball was the basketball, he supposedly thought it was a “funny looking pumpkin” and a staffer had to write ” basketball” on the backside of the ball so Garrett would know which ball was the correct one?

A: I can tell you that Mike Garrett did not seek out Kevin O’Neill but had O’Neill brought to him by one of his subordinates. And even after that, Garrett needed to be convinced to hire O’Neill in some heated conversations with his aides. Believe it or not, some wanted Reggie Theus. After O’Neill enjoyed a successful start to the season, we even heard Garrett resented those who recommended O’Neill. That’s the mentality that existed within Heritage Hall.

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  • timmay

    That’s right, the first USC Heisman winner, four sport high school star, NFL multiple pro bowler and championship winner, lawyer, former head of the LA Forum Authority and a manager in the San Diego’s DA office didn’t know what a basketball or a football was. Forget that USC won more championships in an array of sports than anyone at SC despite being a private school with no sports department endowment.

    I expect this type of hate and stupidity from the Honorary Bruin for Life Scott the Liar Wolf but for some b!#ch using McKay’s name, someone should slap the crap out of him and send him back to his West Hollywood apartment he shares with Scott.

    Just the sort of answer we can always expect from Scott from more of your “unnamed sources” which turn out to always be wrong on any verifiable point. Seriously, I cringe at the thought of what Scott does for the sports editor at the DN to keep his job.

  • ChelseaSW6

    You mean the same Mike Garrett who, when told that Gene Keady was interested in the USC job, had no clue who Keady was?

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Im confused, is Gene Keady a vollyball coach. Meanwhile over on the DN bruin blog some bruins are predicting a PAC 12 Championship in football next year and others are asking if Mike Singletary will be the next DC and Norv Turner the next OC. Are they high on crack?

  • Gnossos

    Yes and numerous other drugs

  • Trojan Rewind

    hey Timmay…the USC athletic department was put on probation twice in the last decade…who was the AD at that time? who was the AD that made constant bad decisions in terms of coaching and how many of those “championships” were in non-Olympic sports?

    we will wait for your response, but we know it will be a long time…

  • Kiffins Momma

    That’s right Timmay, Mike Garrett is da’ man!! Anybody who would hire my illiterate son for 4 mil is a keeper!! Let me get some more Garrett!!