Answer Monday! (Part 5)

In this segment, a question about the Seattle Seahawks’ simple offense.

Q: Ex-Cop said:
You mentioned recently that a high-ranking NFL assistant watched film of the Seahawks and described them as “a joke.” Can you elaborate? What, specifically, prompted the comment? Context, please?

A: He was referring to the sophistication level of the Seahawks offense and its lack of variety. He did not feel there were enough “looks” to surprise defensive coordinators of NFL teams. I would like to be more specific on the coach’s title but if I did, it would give away his identity to Pete Carroll. This analysis squares with something I heard from a veteran Seahawk, who said he was surprised then at how basic the offense was and expected to see problems once the season started.

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  • Rich K

    Is there any wonder why SC was so anemic when it came to offense when that particular offensive coordinator was at the helm?

  • jamfan

    The reason the seahawks stink is because they have crappy personnel. An aging qb whose better days are years behind him. Crappy running backs. Mediocre at best wide receivers. Is it a shock to most that their offense is anemic? Let’s not forget the Seahawks were also god awful last year which is what led to the head coach spot being open in the first place.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Thanks Wolfie, for a while I was thinking you forgot this was a Seahawks blog! Did you ask your source about how successful the seahawks would have been with Chow as OC?

  • uscmba

    I know that Scott doesn’t like Jeremy Bates because of previously acknowledged interactions with him, but I do agree with Scott with his assessment of Bates’ ineptitude. Does he know more about offensive football than me? Probably. Is he a good offensive coordinator at either a top-flight college program or in the NFL? Definitely not. With an exclamation point! While USC’s offense this year was horribly predictable and stagnant at times, it was horrendous under Bates. Don’t say he didn’t have talent, because in 80-90% of our games, USC has significantly superior talent than our opponents. Bates was horrible in his short stint at USC. Period.