Answer Monday! (Part 6)

A question in this segment on the rankings of USC’s commitments.

Q: Champion said:


You mentioned to remind you to rate the early enrollees. Also, does the lack of stars for our recruits concern you because since the sanctions USC has not signed a four or five star recruit( besides George Farmer who was a USC silent commit) and most of our early enrollees and recent commits are zero or two stars? Thank you.

A: I will rate the early enrollees in a seperate post. I know that Lane Kiffin likes the idea of signing some overachievers, or guys who are not as highly ranked by the recruiting services, because they will play hard and then cannot hurt USC by playing at Oregon or Stanford. But I admit that the current list of spring commitments seems to be a little less star-fixated than Pete Carroll. Maybe that’s a good thing. Or maybe their are not a lot of big-time prospects left in California. I exclude the early enrollees because some of them were just cannon fodder. But I think January is huge because Kiffin needs to finish strong with his limited scholarships.

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  • Count_Blah

    Give me 2* & 3* kids who will leave their guts on the field and bleed cardinal & gold for 4 years versus a 5* primadonna who is at USC for no reason but to use the university as a stepping stone to the NFL after 3 years.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Count Blah I agree, who needs guys like Palmer, Williams, Keyshawn, Byers, Justice, Cushing, Rivers, etc.

  • Fatty McButterpants

    USC currently has TWO 5 Stars and SIX 4 Stars Committed, all after the sanctions. The only 2 Stars are a kicker and a holder, extreme positions of need. Dont let the facts get in the way of your question though.

  • Count_Blah

    @VB’s Office Plant – I said Primadonnas. Those guys aren’t primadonnas.

  • sureshot

    VB – I’ll give you Palmer, Justice, Byers, Cushing, and Rivers and I’ll take Matthews, Tatupu, Palamalu, Grootegoed, Leinart, Kalil, and Havili.

  • Kiffins Momma

    If only my boy had been head coach when Matty was Qb…cause Matty made everyone around him a better player by just showin’ up…Love Matty!!