Open Forum

We will finish up the previous forum today. So let’s get a start on the next one with one question per person please.

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  • Eric

    Have you seen or heard anything about Thearon Collier’s ability to make an impact next season?



    Any update on USC being able to play in the Pac 12 title game which would be the 13th game next season? I remember USC was allowed to play a 1t3h game against Hawaii this season and under the bowl ban could not play more than 12 games. I think USC asked the NCAA, and any update if USC will be allowed to play in the Pac 12 title game?

  • sctrojan84

    My question is in regards to recruiting. I read/watched a fantastic piece on ESPN on signing players over-the-limit of yearly limits (and how it is a major issue in the SEC, of course). My understanding is that you can sign as many players as you want, but can only carry a max of 25 going into the season (15 for the next three years for USC).

    In this situation (with sanctions and subsequent, unresolved appeal), even though SC historically is very good about not over-signing (which can leave a player in a bad situation scrambline for a college at the last minute)- would it make sense to over-sign to about 22 players or so for Feb 2011 recruting class?

    That way, it allows for the appeal process to play out and then can keep the 20 players if they happen to get lucky and win (with a couple extras for players that end up not qualifying or ask out of their LOI). Otherwise, even if they win the appeal, it would only really help them in 2 of the 3 years.


  • VB’s Office Plant

    Did Jeremy Bates buy a house in Seattle? What are the chances he will be retained? Who are the logical candidates to replace him if he is not retained? Where do you think he might end up if he is not in Seattle next season? If Norm Chow had been in Seattle this year what would the Seahawks record be? Any inside scoop on Seahawk draft needs? Why all the SC questions on this blog.

    #1 Seahawks Fan

  • USC_I-AM

    i wanna kno wats the status on diamion stafford…i heard he was committed to nebraska

  • superlaker24

    Who are some linebacker recruits USC is targeting with the remaining scholarships? Also, is USC still recruiting linebackers Curtis Grant and Brent Calloway, do both players plan to visit? Thank you.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, do you think Caesar is crapping his pants (figuratively of course) with the now-rumored hire of his daddy, Jim Harbaugh, for the 49’ers job?? that would be two guaranteed high-profile a$$ whooopings per year for Caesar! oh, Mercy Nurse!!

  • dtksr1

    Scott, I want to ask this one more time a different way. You know and I know conferences like the Big-10 who only requires what, 6 conference games, so the schools can buy more wins against weak talent and build winning records for the bowl games. Heck, Ohio St. played all their non-conference games in Ohio. Seems to me, they are taking advantage of the situation and nobody seems to mind…

  • Peter Parker

    Are the USC coaches worried that after starting the season off well that Matt Barkley struggled greatly? Despite passing for 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, Matt Barkley struggled if you look at the numbers during the season in two parts. Its like two different players played the first six games and the last six games. In the first six games he passed for 20 touchdowns and four interceptions and in the last six games he played in Matt Barkley had six touchdowns and eight interceptions. In the first six games Barkley’s two highest passing yard games were of 390 and 352 yards, while in the last six games he played his two highest passing yard games were 264 and 215 yards. As a fan I am worried that Matt Barkley is regressing. What are your thoughts and are the coaches worried on Matt Barkley?

  • Rich K

    Pat Hayden commented on SC’s NCAA sanctions and claimed the university wasn’t looking for an appeal on the number of scholarships or duration, if that is the case, just what are they appealing?


    Let’s say the NCAA refuses to reduce the sanctions substantially. On a scale of 1 to 10 (One being do nothing and ten being sue the bastards until the endowment runs dry), what is your best estimate of what the USC brain trust will do?

  • sanchize6


    Something is a stir in the Athletic dept. Pat Haden is hiding behind the PR facade. Why did John Henderson leave his assistant AD post…and don’t say to get a better job with the Rose Bowl. You were on the trail early on when you said people in the office were wary about PH. Why is the whole staff from top to bottom luke warm to PH?



    It seems to me that the “PAC-12” is really missing the boat by not naming the conference the “12-PAC.” As most conference decisions are driven by money, it seems logical to make this change. From a marketing standpoint, it seems like Coke or Pepsi (or any beer company) would pay big money to sponsor the 12-PAC title game. I also think it could work as a recruiting tool as it makes the conference seem cooler. What do you think Wolf…can you call your contacts and make this change happen?

  • gotroy22

    How big a loss was Sheldon Richardson’s decommit to Missouri, both for need and the perception that SC is no longer the top program in the country?

  • russt24
  • cjs1993

    Do you have any insight into what Pete Carroll sees in Jeremy Bates? He apparently has no personality, and he is an awful offensive coordinator. The Seahawks offense is underachieving, and the problem isn’t the players.

    On a positive note, do you have any comments/thoughts about Mike Williams’ success this season. He looks like the player he was in college (in spite of Bates), and that is great to see.

  • Don’t you know I’m loco?

    Since you’re always around the SC teams and NFL teams invest a lot of dough in their players, do scouts or coaches ask you for your opinion with respect to a media/outsider’s point of view on players? If so, what have you said about past players? Thanks for the forums.

  • mattweaver

    With a limited and unknown number of scholarships, why is SC giving one to a long snapper who can’t play any other positions. I played college football and most teams find their snapper within. There are plenty of “athletes” that can be taught this trade. Any insight you have received on this?

  • YogiBear

    What is your prediction on the appeal, will USC have the scholarship limit reduced and will they be able to play in a bowl game? Any prediction on the appeal. Thank you.

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Thanks for answering my question about M Garrett hiring O’Neil. So basically what you said is that Garrett had no clue as to what he was doing as an AD?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    USC has signed or has commits from three JC players who were offered by crap D1 schools ( Kelley Idaho, Kent and New Mex St, Garness New Mex and UTEP ) or not at all ( Galten ), are these guys just being brought in to be cannon fodder? Even a 2 or 3 of the high school recruits aren’t being recruited by big time D1 schools, more fodder for the cannon?

  • Bobo

    Hey Scott:

    Who do you think the Seahawks will draft next year (which position of need do you see them trying to address?). Will they make the playoffs? Now that Jeremy Bates is living in Seattle, is he drinking more coffee?

    #2 Seahawks fan

    Thanks for all you do for us.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    When will there be a smartphone app for this terrific blog so I can follow all news Seattle Seahawks more often while I’m out and about? Seriously though, nobody cares what you think of Seattle’s coaching staff, so do you just do it intentionally to get more comments from the few losers that actually take the time to criticize you with the same nonsense everytime you mention Carroll/Bates? Will there be an Inside USC app for when you actually post about USC? Thanks.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Do you think that the Black Mamba start next year at corner, and will he play both ways?

  • Trojan Conquest

    Will the Black Mamba start next year at corner, and will he see action on offense?