The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the Associated Press Top 25 basketball poll featuring no Pac-10 teams.

1. Duke
2. Ohio State
3. Kansas
4. Syracuse
5. Connecticut
6. Pittsburgh
7. Villanova
8. San Diego State
9. Kentucky
10. Purdue
11. Georgetown
12. BYU
13. Missouri
14. Kansas State
15. Minnesota
16. Texas
17. Michigan State
18. Wisconsin
19. Louisville
20. Memphis
21. Central Florida
22. Texas A&M
23. Oklahoma State
24. Old Dominion
25. Notre Dame

  • torpedoman

    Hard to believe that no one in the Pac could beat any of these Scott!

    I guess that our 17pt blowout at Texas, the win at Tenn and the 2pt last seconds loss at Ks didn’t happen, the Wazoo’s stomping on Baylor, and even the bRUINS, stopping BYU and having the Big 12 zebras take a victory away from them at Kansas means that none of these Pac 10 teams can even get a sniff of your rankings? I usually never waste commentary on any of your polls, but found it hard to understand how you could overlook ALL of the Pac teams. I wonder if actually you really intentionally ommitted the Pac and then teased it, simply just to bait hits?
    You’ve turned football polling into a junk science, and you’re well on your way to doing it to hoops too.

    Fight On