• schammer47

    Nice work, Wall Street. The 28% in addition to the lost revenue from the BCS/Emerald Bowls theoretically denied the Trojans should add up to a considerable sum should USC decide to a file civil/criminal? lawsuit against the NCAA perpetrators. Add to that sum the penalty concerning the damage inflicted to the USC Trojan reputation and the harm done to the program by allowing football players to leave the program with no questions asked. If our appeal is denied, take the NCAA to the shed and open the perverbial Shoe Factory up their ass.

    Something to feel good about. I believe QB MB7 is going to have a BREAKOUT YEAR in 2011. He suffered through two unbelievably tumultuous seasons created by forces beyond his control. This next season will be settled, “normal” for all concerned unless more key players bail out.

    Fight On and Happy New Year!!

  • Trojan 70

    There must be a mistake, UCLA was not mentioned…oh that’s right, they don’t go to bowl games. ROTFLMAO

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Where do the Seahawks rank?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    As the villains in the great movie “Race for your Life Charlie Brown” once said: WE’RE NUMBER 1, WE’RE NUMBER 1!!!

  • I never miss a SUC game on the tube, not because they provide great entertainment, it’s because I want to see them lose.

    SUC is the most hated team in the country and EVERYONE tunes in for the same reason, to watch the demise of what once was a proud program, and now are solely remembered for what they have become, the laughing stock of college football.

    All their accomplishments have been tainted by their cheating, just like Barry Bonds’ and Mark McGuirre (another cheating trojan) homeruns.

    Many schools have been on probation, what makes SUC so special that they were allowed to play 4 more years after being caught cheating without suffering any consequences? Death penalty would have been more appropriate, count your lucky start reduction of scholarships, and Bowl ban was all you cheating bastards got.

    Happy Holidays! you SCum!

  • Why don’t allow my posts? are you only accepting posts from delusional trOJies? go to hell Scott!