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The answerest continues this morning. Questions can be posted in yesterday’s Open Forum.

Q: Eric said:
Have you seen or heard anything about Thearon Collier’s ability to make an impact next season?

A: He is a small receiver with good speed. He strikes me as a third-receiver type. He would be a good alternative if USC lined up Robert Woods and George Farmer in a three-receiver set. I don’t see him as a go-to guy but he should help on special teams.

Q: MRSAM said:

Any update on USC being able to play in the Pac 12 title game which would be the 13th game next season? I remember USC was allowed to play a 1t3h game against Hawaii this season and under the bowl ban could not play more than 12 games. I think USC asked the NCAA, and any update if USC will be allowed to play in the Pac 12 title game?

A: USC cannot play in next year’s Pac-12 title game unless the NCAA grants the appeal. The 13th-game exemption was granted last season because the Hawaii game had been scheduled and the NCAA said fans had already made plans to attend the game.
The bigger question is whether USC is eligible for the 2012 Pac-12 title game? USC athletic director Pat Haden said the university is not sure yet and waiting for the appeal to take place before asking the NCAA for a ruling. The reason is because by playing the Hawaii, the NCAA technically extended the 12-game rule for the next two seasons.

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  • SC for LIFE

    Can somebody please explain to me his answer to the second question? I have no idea what he is saying.

    I swear my 4 year old niece is more articulate than this guy.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Hey SC 4 Life I am confused too. What does this have to do with my beloved Seahawks?

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Guys, I think Scott’s point is that if USC does not win its appeal to the NCAA, then we will have to wait until at least 2013 before USC and the Seattle Seahawks can collide in the Pac-12 title game, giving us the long-awaited showdown between Pete Carroll and his apprentice Lane Kiffin.

    Will the student become the master?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wow. so according to wolfman, Southern Cal may have blown it’s chances to compete in the Pac12 Champeenship game??? that could be a season-blowing disaster!! ol’ smarty pants Haden might lose some of this luster if that happens! hope the HI game was worth it! wolfman, you continue to raise your game to a whole ‘nother level!!! 2010 was the Year of the Wolfman!!!!


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Prediction: Trojans play in and win the 2011 Pac 12 champee-own-ship game. CharlizeBucksh*t found dead via asphyxiation due to Caesar’s golden dong being stuffed in his gullet.

    Ohh CharlizeTubber, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!

  • SC for LIFE


    Cafe 84 – lol!

    Sh*tbucket – owned again. Smh.