Stay Away

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is still expected to take the Michigan job after the season but is Pete Carroll working behind the scenes to make sure the 49ers do not hire Harbaugh? Remember, Carroll tried to to get the Chicago Bears to hire Jeff Tedford and Syracuse to hire Chip Kelley when he was an Oregon assistant.
It was all part of a plan to keep the Pac-10 as easy as possible. That said, he can’t want Harbaugh anywhere near the NFC West.

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    Give me a break! Do you think P.C. has any pull with the SF 49ers or Michigan, for that matter?! I keep hearing all of these Harbaugh rumors, but yet none of Stanford’s recruits have been rumored to be reconsidering their commitments.

  • JAG

    Too bad Pete Carroll couldn’t get Wolf shipped elsewhere…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    sweeeeet scooooop wolfman!! though your network of sources, you have confirmed my theory that Caesar is crapping his pants at the thought of Harbaugh joining the NFC West!!!

    for a dummy, Caesar can occasionally surprise with his guile!

  • NOBS

    JAG, actually Pete has Scotty right where he wants him: an awful sports writer with a second rate newspaper that has virtually zero circulation. What else could Pete ask for? Not to mention a blog that has as much accurate information as a NCAA investigation.

  • Gnossos

    Delusional Scotty, Delusional.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Let’s see how the magical harbaugh does without his bed buddy Mr. Luck. Then we’ll know how “great” of a coach he truly is…

    We do know that Charlize Bucksh*t would gladly line up to worship at the alter of Harbaugh’s golden dong though…

  • Trojan 70

    Hey blue bruin bucket boy – If as you call him, Caesar, was a dummy – what does that make the ucla coaching staff that lost to him nine out of ten years? They don’t come any dumber than the blue bruin coaching staff ROTFLMAO

  • miguelito

    @ Trojan 70

    Pete Carroll beat 2 of the worst coaches i have experienced as a UCLA fan. I have been watching since the mid 80’s, Pete was fortunate to take over SC when the Pac 10 was really down:

    Koetter (ASU), Stoops (first 5 seasons were terrible), Walt Harris (Stanford), Mike Reily (great coach but during SC’s reign of terror he was cleaning up Erickson’s mess), Ty Willingham (UW), Doba (WSU), Dorrell and Neu at UCLA.

    i liken SC’s run in the early 2000’s to Boise St recent success. soft conference, Carroll just had the luxury of being in a AQ conference that had the quality football of a WAC or MWC.

    with those rosters he shouldnt have lost any games.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    @miguelito: “with those rosters he shouldnt have lost any games”………….couldn’t agree with you more, at least from 2002-2008.

  • “Count” Smackula

    right on Miguelito!! great point!!! with all the all americans, 1st round draft picks and #1 recruiting classes Cheatey can claim exactly ZERO BCS champeenships won on the field!! as the kids say: EPIC FAIL!!!!