Say What?

ESPN analyst Mark May discusses the Ohio State suspensions for next season, but not the Sugar Bowl, and argues the NCAA lets the Big Ten and Pac-10 off the hook.
“That’s the way the NCAA is, they will take certain conferences, particularly the Big Ten, their sacred cows, and the Pac-10, and they won’t punish them like they punish other conferences, particularly the SEC.”

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Merry Christmas


In our Christmas traditon, here is my all-time favorite USC picture.
Hollywood screen legend Greta Garbo was sent to USC in 1926 to pose for some publicity photos with the track team. Garbo initially refused until MGM deducted $25 from her salary, which convinced her to head to campus and don a USC track singlet.

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Classic Art


With Christmas upon us, it is a good time to remember one of our favorite photos, a wonderful color picture of USC tailback Jon Arnett during a 1955 game against Washington.

Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos
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