• NJ Trojan

    Let’s be honest here, at best, SC was a top 40 team this year. They finished 8-5. Their SOS turned out to be relatively weak (64th based on opps’ win % against FBS). Rush O was 25 & total O was 26th, but pass efficiency was 45th & scoring O was 37th. Scoring D was 63rd, total D was 84th, rush D was 49th & pass efficiency D was 83rd. SC was 36th in TO margin and 100th in penalty yards. SC was 17th in KO returns but 94th in KO coverage. SC was 7th in punt returns but 43rd in net punting. They should return just over half of their starters & they’ll be playing in the second year of a new coaching staff, so there should be some improvement. A reasonable amount of improvement would have SC back in the Top 25 & near the top of the Pac-12 standings. It would take meteoric improvement to have this team in the top 10. I’m not saying it won’t happen I just can’t assume that it will based on what we’ve seen to date. SC has been “rebuilding” since Sanchez declared for the draft. I hope Kiffin can get SC into position for a nice run in ’12 despite the sanctions.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Dodd hates USC, he loves the fact that they are on probation, he’d like it even more if they got the death penalty

  • trojannite90

    In the space of two comments we see a well-reasoned, logical and insightful description of why USC should not be included in the pre-season top 25 rankings. This is then followed by an illogical and ridiculous thought from what is most likely a pre-pubescent teen. Try again and maybe you can reach the level of a semi-cognitive simian.

  • gotroy22

    Great breakdown as usual NJ Trojan. I think until Oregon self-destructs through scandal,hubris and/or coaching changes they will get all the pollster love and SC will have to earn it back. Stanford may have some staying power in the polls by going with continuity with Shaw, but being in the same mini-conference with Oregon is going to be tough. Who would have guessed the Pac 12 South would be the weak sister?


    Is NJ Trojan the grandchild of Albert Einstein?– Where do you come up with these facts, my fellow Trojan?

    Of course, on this blog I would prefer to read the personal insults and worn-out phraseology from Ugly Bucket and the rest of the usual suspects

  • NJ Trojan
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    Let us pause for a moment to thank NJ Trojan for his insightful comments. He packs more information in one post than Scott does in a week.

  • USC’89

    Why would they? USCs decade long journey wandering the wilderness of mediocrity has just begun.