Jones Effect?

What will USC’s reaction be tonight without freshman guard Bryce Jones? Many times teams overcome a loss in the first game or two because the emotions carry them past any physical losses.
Then again, how much will someone who played four minutes in some games be missed? I suspect a lot will depend on how freshman Garrett Jackson responds. Jones was very athletic but I also recall a practice where he was told he would play more if he knew the plays. if he wasn’t happy, he should move on.
But USC’s postseason hopes seem to be fading. So maybe it’s best to play Jackson more and get him ready for next season.

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  • SC for LIFE

    There’s got to be something more to this story. I mean, how bad can this 4 star recruit be to only play 12 minutes TOTAL in 2 games up in Oregon? KO just rubs me the wrong way. Just listening to him in pre/post game interviews annoys me.

    I agree that Jones should have never left and probably got some bad counseling/advice. But hard to take the coaches side considering the ass whooping we got in Oregon and our pathetic points per game average.

  • booty11

    Oh man we really missed thug boy Bryce today! He was prob at home with all the homies talking trash when all of a sudden he realized “Damn they are better without my punk ass attitude.” Its all good though cause next year he will be a star wherever he is. Ohh thats right he has to sit out next year. Buh Bye Bryce.

    Ohh and SC 4 Life KO is a good coach who doesn’t take crap from little crybaby punks who think they deserve everything before they have earned anything. I’ll take a coach like him any day of the week. Who would think a coach who is 3-0 against ucla would be getting crap from dumb ass SC fans who prob only watch football and barely even care about basketball.